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Mam’Sonto fires Nomsa – Gomora Image : 22696
When the storm settles down – Isibaya Image : 22692
When the storm settles down – IsibayaNtwenhle rushes to save her family from a bomb, scores are settled and peace reigns once again in Bhubhesini as the Ndlovu's and Zungu's come together once again.
Mpihlangene finds the money – Isibaya Image : 22679
Mpihlangene finds the money – IsibayaAfter searching the entire Zungu yard, Mpihlangene finally finds Mkabayi hidden stash of cash.
You're useless – Isibaya Image : 22680
You're useless – IsibayaSaddam tries to conivince Mpihlangene to steal from his family but he refuses. However, when Mkabayi tells him she thinks he is useless he decides to take Saddam up on his offer.
How could you cheat on me? – Isibaya Image : 22668
How could you cheat on me? – IsibayaSaddam walks in on Mbovu and Lillian talking about hiding their affair from him and Mbovu decides to comeclean about his feelings for her.
Getting Jerry a date – Isibaya Image : 22669
Getting Jerry a date – IsibayaMbovu and Lillian struggle to come up with a plan to get Jerry what he wants in exchange for his silence - a date with Londiwe.
Sibusiso vs the Zungus Image : 22659
Sibusiso vs the ZungusSibusiso severs all ties with the Zungu's and gets ready for war.
Getting Bhekumuzi drunk – Isibaya – Isibaya Image : 22656
Getting Bhekumuzi drunk – Isibaya – IsibayaDabula and his crew try to get Bhekumuzi drunk to extract information about the Zungus from him but all he talks about is his love for Thandi.
Cheaters – Isibaya Image : 22657
Cheaters – IsibayaJerry spots Mbovu and Lilian sharing their first kiss.
Ntwenhle mours for Bongani – Isibaya Image : 22639
Ntwenhle mours for Bongani – IsibayaAfter Bongani is killed, ntwenhle comes out of hiding back to Bhubesini to tell the Zungus they have started a war and to mourn for her friend with her family.
It wasn't us – Isibaya Image : 22633
It wasn't us – IsibayaWhen Fezile finds out that it was a Zungu driver who killed Bongani, Jabu sends him out to find him so they can get the truth about who paid him. However, they are too late as Mbodla kills him and buries all the evidence.
Bongani is killed – Isibaya Image : 22634
Bongani is killed – IsibayaDabula finds a Zungu taxi driver to kill Bongani and Mandla is hardest hit. Meanwhile, Ngwebedla overhears Bhekumuzi making a deal wit Jabu to become their spy at the lodge.
Enemy of my enemy – Isibaya Image : 22631
Enemy of my enemy – IsibayaDabula takes Sibiya up on his offer and Mbovu risks it all to be alone with Lilian.
Stop the war – Isibaya Image : 22617
Stop the war – IsibayaJabu and Sbu team up to stop the war between their families just as Fezile and Mandla are about to kill each other, but will the truce last?
Melusi in the firing line – Isibaya Image : 22618
Melusi in the firing line – IsibayaMelusi decides he can end the war he started between the Zungus and the Ndlovus but instead finds himself in the middle of a gun fight.
Marry me – The Queen Image : 22606
Marry me – The QueenKagiso proposes marriage to Gooness.
Beyonce is where she belongs – Isibaya Image : 22607
Beyonce is where she belongs – IsibayaDabula gets some bad news from the doctor and Mandla is pleased to learn from Ntwenhle that Beyonce is safe and sound with her.
Mpihlangene is your father – Isibaya Image : 22608
Mpihlangene is your father – IsibayaGadla abruptly tells Jabu that Mpihlangene is his father while trying to stop a fight between the two of them.
Unleash the beasts – Isibaya Image : 22597
Unleash the beasts – IsibayaThe ndlovus and the Zungus both have their men prepared for war while Sbu tries to broker peace and a truce.
Secret friends – Isibaya Image : 22598
Secret friends – IsibayaAfter Lillian fails to get answers from Saddam about why Mbovu is icing her, she proposes that she and Mbovu continue to be friends and hide the friendship from Saddam.
Jabu is back – Isibaya Image : 22595
Jabu is back – IsibayaDabula is fighting for his life in hospital and Beyonce is missing only to find that it was Jabu who did it all.
Mkabayi down – Isibaya Image : 22584
Mkabayi down – IsibayaThe Ndlovus attack the Zungus and shoot Mkabayi just inches from her heart. Sbu is shocked to learn the news and the lack of remorse from his uncle and father's side.
Ayihlome ihlasele – Isibaya Image : 22585
Ayihlome ihlasele – IsibayaSbu tries to reason with his father not to use weapons in dealing with the Zungus but his uncle is already getting a group of soldiers ready for war.
Siza kills Mickey – Isibaya Image : 22573
Siza kills Mickey – IsibayaSbu runs out of bullets while trying to protect his family from Mickey's attack. Siza saves him by unknowingly shooting Mickey and she is heartbroken.
Mam’Sonto fires Nomsa – Gomora