FIVE reasons Linda makes you nervous – Housekeepers

25 May 2022
She is here every Monday at 8PM to check your blood pressure and keep you on the edge of your seat.
why linda makes you nervous housekeepers

If you are a Housekeepers fan, then you are also a fan of risk, raising your blood pressure, thrill and watching a drama full of twists on the edge of your seat. Linda has been religiously doing this to Mzansi viewers since Housekeepers season one and we think we know how and why.

  1. She always takes the scary route

One thing about Linda, she is fearless and a risktaker. That dangerous undercover mission that could mean death, that is the one she wants to take on. Linda has gone up against trained assassins with amateur experience and our hearts can barely take it.

  1. She always makes that bad decision

Remember when she had already been caught by Mkhonto in season 2 and Detective Conway begged her to quit but she ventured back into the devil’s house?

  1. She has a major weakness

Do you know Linda’s weakness? (Serious fans only) – It’s her little brother, Mtho. She will do anything for him, like go undercover in the house of trained Zwane assassins with a gunshot wound to save him from a life in jail.

  1. Nothing scares her

Linda is fearless, that seems like a strength, right? Wrong! Linda’s lack of fear of anyone or any situation means she will go anywhere, including the Zwane’s secret room where they hold their meetings and plans for their assassinations.

  1. We love her!

That is our weakness and yours. We wouldn’t be sweating bullets every Monday if we didn’t love and care for Linda and want her to win in every single mission.

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