Linda vs Kwezi – Housekeepers

30 May 2022
Linda has met her most formidable enemy yet… but so has Kwezi.
linda vs kwezi housekeepers

Season three of Mzansi’s favourite thriller has come down to a dangerous game of outwit, outsmart, and outplay between two formidable players… Linda and Kwezi.

Linda: The amateur spy we all know and have loved since season one is on another dangerous mission but this one is more personal than any other – She must spy on trained assassins to exonerate her brother from life in prison for a murder he did not commit. The person who did commit the murder, to prove to his family that he could be an assassin just like them, is Kwezi.

Kwezi: The weakest link in the trained Zwane camp of assassins. However, don’t let that make you think he is easy pickings. He has already seen through Linda’s housekeeper act although his family is slow to come to the party because they are in love with Linda, who was hired without so much as a background check.

The latest duel between the two of them was when Linda found the murder weapon and clothes Kwezi wore the night he killed Mtho’s friend, Cindy. He later framed Mtho for the murder and our fav’s little brother has been struggling to survive and stay alive in prison.

We thought it was over for Linda when Kwezi came looking for his missing lethal items, but Linda is no real amateur. She played her cards well when she revealed the items as innocent laundry to Kwezi’s mother, the matriarch of the dangerous family, further showing Kwezi to be the weak link in the camp.

However, if there is one thing we know about Kwezi, it is that he does not take anything lying down. He has made it clear to Linda and his entire family that he does not trust her and as the cracks in the house are starting to show, it will soon be revealed that it was Linda who had been digging all along.

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