Mshengu vs sons – My Brother’s Keeper

19 February 2024
He is a father but he proves to be a businessman first every time.
Mshengu vs sons article

Shaba Snacks is and has always been Bab’Mshengu’s baby because that is his legacy, the one thing that he built to make sure that his children never ask for anything in their lives. This however has in turn made him brutal when it comes to business, to the point of being very hard on each of his sons.


The one that wanted nothing to do with it all

Being the first born, the one to carry it all when Mshengu is no more, Donga has always had the responsibility to take over the business and make sure that it reaches new heights but he never saw himself as the bearer of it all. Him and his father have been at logger heads because of what he stands on but after going through money issues, he finally reached an acceptance place of accepting the help and being ready to be part of the business.

But yes you guessed it, as much as Mshengu was happy and willing to help, he still holds his baby dear to him and figures Donga is not ready to take over just yet.



The CEO that never was

In comes Nqubeko, the son that has been all about fighting to get his father’s approval in all things business until he gets a chance to sit on the CEO chair. When they talk about someone that has been doing everything for the company and actually helping to see it grow, that’s Nqubeko but all of this hasn’t shaken Mshengu much.

Nqubeko has now reached a breaking point and has decided to go ahead and do his own thing and prove just how good he is.


Unbothered but bothered

And then there’s Ndumiso, the troublemaker that never stays out of trouble and brings embarrassment to the Shabalala family. He has been in and out of prison because of his ways and Mshengu hasn’t even thought of giving him a chance in the family. His partner Puseletso came in and made sure he is given a chance but he still messed it up so the verdict on whether he’ll be trusted moving on is still out.


The chaos continues so don’t miss any of it.

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