Where can we find that Nkosana and Zandile love? – #TheWifeShowmax

28 February 2022
Everyone wants to be loved like this
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We all knew just how much Bhut’ omdala loves Zandile even when she was in prison. His mind was plagues with a master plan to get her out of prison for the whopping price of R80 million and as if that was not enough, he basically had a shrine dedicated to her at the entrance of the Zulu home.

Now, that she is out of prison, the love and chemistry between them is undeniable and electric. He says he looks at her and he sess his future just days after he broke her out of prison. He tells her his mind, body and soul belongs to her and only her when she asks if there have been other women while she was in prison.

We won’t even talk about the way they look at each other… because you can’t stop talking about it.

Their love is definitely going to be tested now that Zandile is out of prison. Perhaps, that long distance of incarceration served to make their hearts grow fonder of each other but faced with the new riches Nkosana has amassed, their children coming to terms with the mother they thought was dead now standing in front of them and all the secrets and lies that can be stored up in a decade in prison, time will only tell if the Nkosana and Zandile love is as real as it looks. 

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