What to watch on Heritage Weekend

21 September 2023
Enjoy locally brewed content.
Watching tv and eating popcorn

The Heritage Day long weekend is upon us. Celebrate South Africa’s colourful heritage with great local content.

Here are just some of our locally produced TV shows and films that you can watch:

Imali Yegaza

Accused of murder, and with no alibis or evidence to clear their names, a group of actors gathers in an old theatre to solve the mystery of who killed their colleague. 

Home brewed, Imali Yegazi airs on Friday 22 September at 14:30 on Cine Magic channel 139.

The Throne

Set in the fictitious baTswana Kingdom, each royal family member embarks on a desperate quest to serve their interests, whether ascending into the coveted seat or the pursuit of freedom.

Enjoy an exciting episode of The Throne on Friday 22 September at 19:30 on Magic Showcase channel 143.

Saints and Sinners

Centred on the lives of two families living in the South of Johannesburg, Saint and Sinners questions the power of true freedom from one's past and the courage it takes to forgive those who have wronged us.

Catch this gripping drama on Saturday at 22:30 on Magic Showcase channel 143.

100 Meter Leeuloop  

The slapstick Afrikaans comedy 100 Meter Leeuloop follows five finalists as they prepare for a race like no other. To win, the competitors must dance and run, all at the same time, for 100 metres.

Catch 100 Meter Leeuloop on Monday 25 September at 19:30 on Cine Magic channel 139.

Happy viewing!

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