Cool social media lingo

02 June 2023
Sound hip with these social media phrases.
Hands holding phones

While you watch your favourite TV shows with a smartphone in your hand, here are some trendy social media phrases you can use to sound cool.

Azikhale (Let the fight begin)

Azikhale is a common phrase originating from stick fighting practised in rural parts of KwaZulu-Natal. It's loosely translated as “let the fight begin”.

Here’s how to use the phrase:


A clapback refers to a witty response to someone's insult or attack. Hitting someone with a clapback often shows that you are winning an argument or have a more biting retort ready.

Have a look at the following example of a good clapback:

Nka loma (I would bite)

This is a phrase used to indicate how you would react should you find yourself in a particular predicament. Nka loma loosely translates to “I would bite”. You could say, “Should I miss my favourite show on Magic Showcase, nka loma TV”.

Check out more examples of how to use this phrase:

Kare nka screamer gore (I could scream)

This term is used to express distress, joy, or boredom. For example, when you expect a plot twist on your favourite show and it doesn't happen, you could say, "Kare nka screamer gore", meaning “I could scream”.

Here’s how to use the expression on social media:

Remember to show off these phrases when you engage with us.

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