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Pete: Taharuki Kisiwani


“Sina hisia na mke wangu” – Pete

28 October 2022
That’s what Jasiri confessed to Mzee Kiza
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Jasiri fell in love with Nuru the first day he laid eyes on her. Their love has grown and stood the test of time since then. The couple recently married in a colourful ceremony in Funzi. Here are some highlights of their wedding:

Soon after the wedding, Jasiri began to have second thoughts about his wife. He even admitted to Mzee Kiza that he has no feelings for his wife! How and why can this happen in a relationship? Here are a few reasons:

Post-wedding blues: This can be attributed to the difficulties of a new marriage. Perhaps Jasiri was unprepared by the permanence of marriage.

Staying with relatives: Before Jasiri and Nuru could settle down, Nuru invited her grandmother Bi Komo to move in with them. As her guardian, Bi Komo has always fought for her granddaughter’s happiness. However, Nuru did not consult her husband before Bi Komo moved in with them.

Unresolved issues and feelings: Prior to marrying Nuru, Jasiri had an on-and-off relationship with Safira. The relationship ended when he discovered that she was a mermaid. His feelings for her have not faded. Even when he is with his wife, he occasionally reminisces about their happy times together.

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