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Pete: Taharuki Kisiwani

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PETE is a drama series that follows the fight by two brothers, Mbura (older brother) and Jasiri (younger brother), to attain the right to rule Funzi Island after the demise of their father Dalu. At the centre of this fight is the leadership tool, the ring (PETE). Also keen on getting their hands on the ring are the mermaids, who send their beautiful daughter, Safira, to fetch the ring that threatens to end the mermaid generation if they don’t claim it from the human race.

PETE is a Swahili word meaning a ring. In the series it denotes a circular or endless situation. This ring plays out metaphorically as a beacon of ultimate leadership competition, love, hatred and co-existence in a situation that will have the audience glued to their screens.

S5 | E120
26 April 11:00
'S5/E120'. In a bid to succeed the Funzi Chief, a rift ensues between his two sons: MBURA and JASIRI. The struggle for l...