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The seventh season of Riverdale goes where no season of Riverdale has dared to go before—the 1950s. Picking up where last season ended, Jughead Jones finds himself trapped in the 1950s. He has no idea how he got there nor how to get back to the present. His friends are no help, as they are living seemingly authentic lives, similar to their classic Archie Comics counterparts, unaware that they've ever been anywhere but the 1950s. Archie Andrews is the classic all-American teen, coming of age, getting into trouble, and learning life lessons; Betty Cooper is the girl next door, starting to question everything about her perfect life – including her controlling mother Alice; Veronica Lodge is a Hollywood starlet who moved to Riverdale under mysterious circumstances; Cheryl Blossom is the Queen Bee with a withering wit and a secret longing; Toni Topaz is an activist fighting for the Black students of recently integrated Riverdale High; Kevin Keller is a "square" crooner wrestling with his sexual identity; Reggie Mantle is a basketball star from farm country, and Fangs Fogarty is a greaser who's destined to be an Elvis-type star. It isn't until Jughead is visited by Tabitha Tate – Riverdale's guardian angel – that he learns the cosmic truth about their predicament. Will Jughead and the gang be able to return to the present? Or will the characters be trapped in the 1950s forever? And, if so … is that such a bad thing?

Chapter One Hundred And Twenty-One: Love & Marriage

S7 | E4
11 November 21:00
'S7/E4 - Chapter One Hundred And Twenty-One: Love & Marriage'. After enlisting Archie's help, Cheryl's plan to fool her ...

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