Our Favourite TV Couples

08 February 2021
In the month of love, we look at our top pick of TV couples.

Warning: Spoiler alert! Every year in the month of February Cupid makes his visit in hopes of bringing love birds together, but some couples simply don't need his magic touch. These are the TV couples who found that everlasting love and stood the test of time.

Homer and Marge - The Simpsons

We kick off our list with this whacky but wonderful couple who have been making it work for 32 years and counting. Despite Homer's belly beer-belching antics or Marge's wild housewife daydreams, and all the drama Springfield brings, this couple's love for each other is undeniable. The show is known for its uncanny predictions and we predict that this marriage will last a lifetime! Here's a throwback episode to when Homer met Marge: it's really cute!


Monica and Chandler - Friends

Everyone's favourite sitcom had its fair share of amazing couples, but Mr. and Mrs. Bing have to be our top pick. They started off as friends and their love could not be denied as we watched them blossom into the perfectly unperfect onscreen couple. They taught each other many lessons along the way. Chandler learnt how to dance for their wedding and Monica helped him reconcile with his dad. If that isn't the sweetest thing, we don't know what is. Here's that proposal every Friends fan still talks about!

Archie and Veronica - Riverdale

People have been loving these two lovebirds since the comic books. While we know there was always a love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica, there's something about Veronica and Archie that wins every time. They may be on-again, off-again, then on-again, but we love their passion, drive, and love for life and each other. Catch season 4 on M-Net City on Fridays at 20:00.

Remember Varchies' first kiss? Let's refresh your memory.

Chuck and Blair- Gossip Girl

Before the dashing couples of Riverdale graced our screens, the king and queen of teen romance were Chuck and Blair. One could describe their relationship as dramatic and dangerously delicious. Mr. Bass and Miss Waldorf were the objects of each other's affection throughout the series, no matter who they were with or where in the world they were. In the end, the two tied the knot in true Chuck and Blair style, with drama hot on their heels. Watch this clip of their wedding getting interrupted by the cops, making them go from lovebirds to jailbirds. 

Carl and Harriet Winslow - Family Matters

Even though the rather pesky Steve Urkel became the star of the show, it was Carl and Harriet who found a place in the hearts of many viewers with their fun-loving relationship. Fans first met the duo on the comedy Perfect Strangers and the couple was soon given a spin-off of their own with Family Matters. Carl and Harriet were known for their funny bickering and banter, but together they made their love work like a house on fire! 

Get a flashback of the wonderful banter we're talking about! 

Paul and Jamie  - Mad About You

The couple we laughed with and cried with and laughed with some more. Paul and Jamie's love was so strong, so they came back to showcase their love story 20 years later with the Mad About You revival. Let's face it: we're mad about Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser bringing to life this incredible TV couple that we will never forget. 

Grab the tissues and watch this moment when Jamie confesses her true love to Paul. 

Phil and Vivian Banks - The Fresh Prince Of Bellair

Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv were living it up in Bellair and enjoyed the finer things in life, but their love for each other was priceless! Vivian always kept her husband on his toes and there was never a dull moment in the Banks mansion with these lovebirds. They always found a way to keep the romance alive, while caring for their kids and their trouble-making nephew Will. 

Watch this fun moment of Mr and Mrs Banks kicking it old school.

Meredith and McDreamy - Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy still brings tears to our eyes on every episode and it was Meredith and McDreamy's great love that often got us bawling! Their love story came to an end with Derek Shepherd's shocking death, which left most of us in need of some heart surgery of our own. But, Derek and Meredith's love still lives on in the hearts of their fans. Grey's Anatomy season 17 begins on 22 February at 20:30 on M-Net 101.

Here are the top 10 moments between these darling doctors.

Mitch and Cam- Modern Family

Modern Family gave us this adorable couple that was as opposite as day and night! Mitch was definitely the yin to Cam's yang. These two kept audiences entertained for 11 seasons with their unique but endearing love story.  We miss you, Mitch and Cam!

Here are some beautiful and of course funny moments between the two.

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These are just some of our favorites. Which TV couple is yours? Share them on Twitter with us on @MNetseries. 

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