My Kitchen Rules South Africa


Our favourite moments from last night's #MKRSA  

04 June 2018
A yummy Sunday, thanks to My Kitchen Rules SA's return  

Here are some of the things we loved about it all

The people

Like a spread at a buffet table, there’s a little something for everybody where this seasons ensemble of home-cooks is concerned. Last night, we met a glamorous couple on their way to the alter, a husband and wife pair who love to travel…a lot, a duo of chatterbox millennials, laid-back country sisters, as well as a couple with deep ties to Morocco – and that’s only Table One. We can’t wait to meet Table Two!

The food

Jalal and Adrie won major points for their beautiful set-up, a nod to Morocco that brought to life the theme of their Instant Restaurant night. Although the first course missed the mark where flavor is concerned, Jalal and Adrie succeeded in plating up a beautiful seafood tagine main and a kunafah (dessert) that left the table thoroughly impressed. Want to recreate those dishes in your own kitchen? Click here and here.

The snark

Meeting each other for the first time made for some nervous first greetings. Luckily, the nerves had all but disappeared by the time our competing duos finally sat down to enjoy (and critique) Jalal and Adrie’s three-course dinner. Pashi & Kim, as well as Tee & Minnie, all from Durban, kicked things off with a spicy exchange that served as a reminder that this is a competition afterall. When it was time to get down to business, our duos held nothing back, with their critique of Jalal and Adrie’s food proving to be scathing at times. Even though the teams were not as rambunctious, they made up for it by being quick-witted, observant, and a little “spicy.

"We don't trust her palate"

Social Media

What’s better than watching #MKRSA on #MNet101? Watching #MKRSA on #MNet101 AND Tweeting about it at the same time, that’s what! From our judges, to some of our favourite celebrities (and even last season’s MKRSA champions) our Season 2 launch turned into a Twitter Street Party pretty fast.

David and JSomething

Where do we start? Oh. Actuall, we’ll just let this Tweet do all the talking for us.

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