Iconic moments from our SAFTA-nominated shows

04 September 2023
Do you remember these iconic moments from these great shows?

SAFTA season is in the air. Before we walk down the glamorous red carpet, let's take a walk down memory lane and look at some of the most iconic moments from M-Net's nominated shows.

Spicy tongues on MKRSA

My Kitchen Rules South Africa season 4 served up flavour, flames, and fiery tongues from the superb contestants. While things got heated in the kitchen, there were enough flames to go around the MKRSA table. Some comments were truly iconic and here's a compilation of the spiciest tongues on MKRSA. Enjoy.

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Anna confronts Dirk

Tannie Maria cooked up the most delicious meals, but she was one feisty lady when she was out of the kitchen and had a big appetite for solving murders. Always hungry to get to the bottom of things, it landed her in several sticky situations ... like a crazed shootout between two suspects in the central murder investigation that involved not only screaming and shooting but swimming and cake.

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Jana saves Eben
If there's one thing we learnt from the riveting drama Desert Rose is that you don't mess with a Greyling woman! Jana was the badass of the sisters. She quickly came to the rescue of her brother Eben when he was being attacked by the dangerous villainous Hugo Heinz. One thing is for sure, Jana knows how to bring out the big guns.

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Felicity confesses

Legacy had several jaw-dropping moments, everything from hiding dead bodies to long-lost lovers returning with big secrets. But, the most epic one of all was when Felicity finally came clean to her family and confessed that she was responsible for her father Sebastian's death. This long-awaited moment left both the Prices and viewers shocked. 

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The double agents on Survivor SA

Keep your friends close and your alliances closer! If there's one thing we love about Survivor SA, it's the brilliant blindsides. Felix and the No BS alliance came up with a devious plan to turn on Meryl for one of the biggest blindsides of the season of Survivor SA: Return of the Outcasts. Watch the glorious scheming here. 

The winning moment on MasterChef SA

MasterChef South Africa returned with sizzling dishes and determined contestants. After weeks of grueling challenges, and difficult pressure tests, there had to be only one winner. Andriette and Shawn were both so close, and the pressure was on, but Shawn ultimately walked away with the grand prize.

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We're rooting for these superb homegrown shows to bring home the SAFTAs. Stay tuned for all the highlights. Join the conversation on social media using #SAFTAs.

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