My Kitchen Rules South Africa


Engaged - #MKRSA

01 October 2018
Viewers engaged with the show, while Kim and Pashi got engaged.

Another semifinal has come and gone, and boy was the second round intense.
Kim and Pashi and Maj and Joleen were neck and neck right to the nailbiting end. 

But someone had to go, and with only a few points' difference, it was Maj and Joleen's turn to say goodbye.
They were fierce competitors, and their fans will certainly miss them.

And of course there was the big moment that had everyone either jumping for joy or wiping away a few tears!

Who will take the title of #MKRSA Season 2 winner?

Find out this Sunday, 7 October, in the 90-minute finale starting at 17:30 on M-Net channel 101.

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