Sisanda Henna comes full circle

26 February 2021
The actor has taken the directing helm and also stars in One Night Kwa Mxolisi.
One Night Kwa Mxolisi Sisanda Henna article

Sisanda Henna, 38, is a familiar face to many who devour local television shows. And now the actor/producer/ writer can add directing to the feathers in his cap for his roles in One Night Kwa Mxolisi, a month of love movie on streaming service, Showmax or on our sister channel Mzansi Magic on 27 February at 21:30.

One Night Kwa Mxolisi chronicles a group of close university friends who get together to celebrate the opening of Mxo’s new restaurant, MXO’s on 4th. Throughout the evening the pressure on the hidden secrets between them surmounts to breaking point.

M-Net: What was it like to both act in and direct this movie? 

Sisanda Henna (SH): To act and direct in this movie was both insane and exhilarating. I play Mxolisi in One Night Kwa Mxolisi a movie we shot in under three weeks. A crazy feat, but with team work we made it. I love acting, and filmmaking so much, so I was literally running between the director’s chair, and [in front] of the lens. Then the two months we spent in post-production, [was] challenging but so worth it.

M-Net: How does directing a movie make you a better actor?

SH: From the director’s chair you see how the movie, the world of the story and the other characters are coming together to form one big whole, which makes you understand with precision what part of the puzzle your character needs to be in order to complement the other parts.

M-Net: How does acting in a movie make you a better director?

SH: Acting makes you a better director in that you understand exactly what kind of an environment an actor needs to excel. You know what direction to give and when to let them be, because magic’s about too unfold.

The best part of directing this movie has been in the editing suite; seeing all the magic we shot on set, and working with the editor to piece it together in [a] fresh way. [I] enjoyed testing some iconic music with the visuals, and seeing how amazing the cast is – as it all came together.


M-Net: Do you have anything else to add?

I am super proud of Micaiah Henna who plays Olly in the movie. He [plays the son] of Brian and Funi (Nyaniso and Fulu). Micaiah, 11, is my first born son in real life. And to see how awesome he did in this movie, makes me beam with pride. He was so cute on set, asking me “Do you want me to do it again, daddy?”

See the Instalive between Henne and DJ Lamiez Holworthy:

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