Honouring and celebrating Valentine's Day

01 February 2021
How much do you know about the day dedicated to love and how do you hail it?
Month of love valentines day article

Today, we know Valentine's Day is all about the celebrating the glory of relationships, or it is the perfect opportunity to declare your feelings for another. We mark this momentous day with gifts such as chocolates, jewellery, flowers, teddy bears, and hearts galore โ€“ all in the name of Saint Valentine. ๐Ÿ’“

Rewind to the past and things were different. From the many different theories about the origin of this day of love, and who Saint Valentine was, we've compiled a few below.

History of Valentine's Day

Christian lore

According to the History channel (DStv channel 186) website, the church recognises three saints with the name Valentine or Valentinus. They were all martyred.

One legend goes that Valentine, a priest, defied Emperor Claudius II who decided that only single men made better soldiers so he outlawed marriage. Valentine didn't agree with it and performed many ceremonies in secret. But when Claudius discovered the betrayal, he had Valentine beheaded. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

Pagan origins

Some say that Valentine's Day is a version of the Lupercalia pagan festival. "Celebrated at the ides of February, or February 15, Lupercalia was a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, as well as to the Roman founders Romulus and Remus," reads the History channel website.

After Christianity became the dominant religion, Lupercalia was outlawed. Pope Gelasius said it was un-Christian by the end of 5th century.

By the Middle Ages, thanks to many poets and the ultimate bard himself, William Shakespeare, it started to become associated with love. "The English poet Geoffrey Chaucer was the first to record St. Valentineโ€™s Day as a day of romantic celebration in his 1375 poem 'Parliament of Foules' writing:

'For this was sent on Seynt Valentyneโ€™s day / Whan every foul cometh ther to choose his mate.'," reads the History channel website.

Different people on the day

Valentine's Day is deeply dividing. Some swoon at the opportunity to go all-out and celebrate ๐Ÿ’“ while others shrug it off and some swear it is the worst day of the year.

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The hopeful romantic

This person uses the Day of Love as a chance to shoot their shot with their crush. We hope there are many happily-ever-afters created from those brave enough to take a chance at love.

Couples who share a deep bond

People who have been together for a long time are secure in their relationship and sometimes choose to mark the occasion either with a small, sweet gift or a grand gesture. Some couples even agree to rather celebrate their love all through the year, instead of only on the day.

Young love

School-kid crushes and first loves know that Valentine's Day is the perfect chance to give their significant other teddy bears, chocolates, cards, flowers, and more. ๐Ÿ‘ญ

Valentine's 'grinches'

These people donโ€™t celebrate Valentine's Day at all and claim it is the worst type of consumerism. They would rather quietly celebrate their love if they are in a relationship, or revel in the freedom of being single.

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