Donovan Goliath on his acting debut

26 February 2021
The comedian expands his incredible skill set.
One Night Kwa Mxolisi Donovan Goliath article

Donovan Goliath, 38, is no stranger to the entertainment industry, in fact, he can be described as a stalwart by now. He has been, as you know, a comedian and creative director. “Wait, can I say actor now?” he wonders in an interview. Despite that impressive CV, he manages to learn new things in his first ever acting experience in One Night Kwa Mxolisi, a month of love movie, on streaming service, Showmax or on our sister channel Mzansi Magic on 27 February at 21:30.

One Night Kwa Mxolisi chronicles a group of close university friends who get together to celebrate the opening of Mxo’s new restaurant, MXO’s on 4th. Throughout the evening the pressure on the hidden secrets between them surmounts to breaking point.

See our Q&A with Goliath.

M-Net: What was your acting debut like? Tell us more about your experience.

Donovan Goliath (DG): Honestly, I thought I’d have a much smaller role in this film, like a heavily featured extra. I read the script then realised: ‘Whoa, I got to act here mos’. What an absolutely incredible experience though. [It was] very intimidating at first walking onto set and having to perform alongside SA’s finest talent who were so amazing and focused. I learnt a lot and fed off of their energy and drive and tried my best to keep up to their level as much as I could.


M-Net: Is this the start of a promising acting career?

DG: Haha! I hope so. Most people know me for being funny or silly because of comedy but I got put through my paces in this film by the director, Sisanda [Henna]. He took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to channel a lot of different emotions. If you’re a producer reading this, just know, I’d love to play a bad guy one day.

M-Net: Do you have anything else to add?

DG: You have to see this film!  It’s a great story with an unexpected twist, the cinematography is beautiful, and you get to see the biggest stars in SA giving everything they got in one film together. (I may or may not have included myself in that big star list) *coughs

Enjoy this Insta live that took place between Goliath and DJ Lamiez Holworthy who chatted more about the film.

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