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Local 18 January 2021

It’s the show everyone has been talking about and it’s showing right now on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161). Here's everything you need to know about The Real Housewives of Durban.

Welcome to South Africa’s West Coast, where the sea nestles up to golden sands and the breeze is coated in warm mist. The sun is shining bright, the 6 rich ladies of The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) are dressed in their classiest gowns, and they’re ready to spill the tea, throw the shade and go to town on our TVs. So grab a cup or an umbrella and stand by for action every Sunday on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) at 19:00.

Watch The Real Housewives Of Durban Watch Mzansi Magic 

If you think you’ve seen everything about South Africa’s Housewives in The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, think again. The Housewives of Durban didn’t come to play – they came to slay. They’re flashy, catty, and they aren’t afraid to air their dirty designer linens for the nation to see.

They caused massive drama in the Twitter nation when they aired on Showmax in January this year, becoming the streaming service’s most-watched show ever and even had die-hard Housewives fans tuning in at midnight for the season launch. Minnie Dlamini tweeted that it’s her new favourite show, while Lasizwe himself is a fan and has had plenty to say about the ladies, (he’s especially here for Ayanda).

Now, Mzansi, they’re ready to snatch your weave, because RHOD is leading the mayhem this May in a massively exciting month for DStv Compact viewers, which is launching over 60 new series and seasons. 

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But just who are these women? Let’s take a sneak peek at the first 2 episodes, then meet the ladies and break down all the drama that they’re serving: 

Sneak peeks

RHOD Episode 1 
RHOD episode 2 

Meet the Housewives

IMG 7182
Sorisha Naidoo  

In the pilot episode, viewers are first introduced to former beauty queen and entrepreneur Sorisha Naidoo, as well as her pack of pugs that follow her wherever she goes. She runs a lifestyle brand, she’s also married to local billionaire businessman Vivian Reddy, and if she looks familiar, maybe that’s because she played magazine editor Nadia Narain in soapie Scandal! for a couple of years. Sorisha’s lavish mansion is where the ladies get acquainted, and the first bombshell of the season goes off at her Diwali dinner party in episode 1.

Kgomotso Ndungane (4)
Kgomotso Ndungane  

Kgomotso isn’t your usual WAG (wife and girlfriend of an athlete) – she’s a powerhouse. She owns an events and floral company called Oak Celebrations. Later in the season, she launches her luxury home, body and bath product line, Lelapa. Kgomotso is married to former Springbok wing-back Odwa Ndungwane – who she refers to as a rugby “icon”. So, you better put some respect to this lady’s name!

Annie Ludick (5)
Annie Ludick  

Next, viewers meet outspoken choreographer Annie. She not only owns a beauty salon, Annaesthetic, but Annie runs an events and marketing company as well as a dance agency. Throughout the season, she’s house hunting and planning her dream wedding with her businessman fiancé Kgolo Mthembu.

IMG 7803
Ayanda Ncwane  

If you haven’t seen or heard of Ayanda before, which rock have you been living under? Besides being a socialite, she’s the face of a popular funeral scheme, and she’s CEO of media company Ncwane Communications, which she built with her late husband and gospel musician Sfiso Ncwane.

Nonkanyiso Conco (1)
Nonkanyiso Conco  

Although Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco is late to the party (she first appears in the reality show only in episode 4), she makes a lasting impression with the ladies. When asked who she is, the beauty brand owner of LaConco Naturals simply replies: “Just Google me.” There’s a silence in the room… When the ladies eventually grab their cell phones and type LaConco on their search engines, they learn that she’s engaged to former president Jacob Zuma – a touchy topic that LaConco refuses to speak about. It leads the ladies to wonder whether she’s hiding any information. How does she put it? “Google me because you know exactly who I am… You cannot say you’ve never heard of Nonkanyiso Conco. You would be lying, if not uJesu angabuya nge skateboard (Jesus would return on a skateboard).” 

Nonku Williams (3)
Nonku Williams  

Last but certainly not least is the “villain” of the season: Nonku. Aside from stirring plenty of drama in S1, Nonku wears many hats – literally! The stylish entrepreneur is about to launch her winery, Ashes To Beauty, and she has a construction company.

5 Fabulous moments to look forward to

Now that you’ve familiarised yourself with the RHOD ladies, here are the 5 most notable moments of S1: 

39 RHOD EP01

Lighting the fuse…  

The first episode of RHOD kicks off with a bang! Sorisha invites the ladies to celebrate Diwali in her luxury mansion, and let’s just say, it was indeed a night of fireworks. As the ladies will come to realise, Ayanda is always fashionably late at events. It’s no different at the Diwali dinner… She’s shines in her sari and jewellery and joins the group at the table to get acquainted with the circle. But it seems that she’s crossed paths with Nonku before.

“I know you, Ayanda,” says Nonku, adding “Aren’t you going to ask who I am?” The tension is brewing… “Do I need to know who you are, honey?” answers Ayanda. Then comes the big reveal: “I don’t know if this is the right platform, but I believe that we can have a heart-to-heart [now],” says Nonku. “I have a daughter, her name is Nothile. I know that you know of her. How do you call it?” Nonku stumbles, before revealing “She is Sfiso’s child,” adds Nonku about her past relationship with Ayanda’s late husband. Ayanda almost chokes on her drink. The other ladies gasp. Their eyes widen, and the moment is followed by the director’s cut of fireworks in the sky. What an evening to remember! 

12 RHOD EP03

Let’s clear the air…

After the awkward dinner, Nonku invites Ayanda for brunch to clear the air in episode 3. Considering their first encounter, Ayanda is nervous to share another meal with Nonku. However, the latter makes it clear that she doesn’t want any bad blood. Instead, Nonku would like her daughter, Nothile, to meet Ayanda’s sons, Ngcweti and Mawenza, who are, essentially, Nothile’s half-brothers. Ayanda is happy with the suggestion. While their meeting isn’t dramatic, their confessionals are the total opposite!

When asked if they’d be open to forging a friendship, Nonku and Ayanda agree on 1 thing: It will never happen, not by a long shot. That’s because there’s too much history between the 2 women. “But 1 thing that I know, it’s that we’re both [fashionistas]. We drive the same car, we’re born the same month – 6 days apart, to be exact. There are a couple of things that we have in common. Oh, and we loved the same man,” says Ayanda with a suggestive laugh.

From ashes to dust

There isn’t an event that flops quite like Nonku’s Ashes To Beauty wine launch. It all begins when the sommelier is nowhere to be found. Seeing that there’s no backup, Nonku takes 1 of the bartender’s word when he mentions that he’s a wine whiz. However, the man is the furthest thing from a connoisseur. He mumbles through his speech and it’s a disaster. “It is what it is and that’s that on that,” says an unimpressed Kgomotso. Annie struggles to contain herself, and she, along with the other guests laugh themselves to stitches. Nonku spends the rest of the season attempting to redeem herself following the failed event.

Girls’ trip gone wild

LaConco invites the ladies to the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands for a weekend retreat, where she launches her skincare products in episode 8. The trip is exactly what the doctor ordered, from the picturesque mountains to the lush rosebushes, and even the clear blue skies. In Sorisha’s words, the atmosphere is serene. But it’s only the calm before the storm as when Annie arrives, she gets into a never-ending disagreement with LaConco that goes from bad to worse within the 2 days away from their families.

RHOD S1 episode guide

Episode 1: Can the Real Housewives of Durban Please Stand Up?
We meet The Real Housewives of Durban and their fabulous lives. Diwali celebrations see some fireworks exploding when two of Sorisha’s guests cross paths in the most unpredictable way, as Ayanda Ncwane gets served more than she had come for at Diwali.

Episode 2: Baby Momma…
How will Nonku’s disclosure land on the table? Will Ayanda accept the news? Annie’s workout session becomes a gossip session. The evening ends with a few strikes of luck at the elegant Casino night, as the ladies let down their hair.

Episode 3: For the Sake of the Children
The Streets of Durban are abuzz with the game night that sees Annie and Ayanda hash things out. Will Nonku have the same outcome when she and Ayanda meet up? Ayanda bites the bullet to try and get through telling her boys about their new sister. Annie is on a heated Bridal Shower theme that gets the wives’ tongues wagging.

Episode 4: Google Me, Baby
Kgomotso finally gets to visit Nonku about her upcoming wine launch but Nonku is clearly not enjoying the 3rd degree on her product. Kgomotso’s successful launch of brand Lelapa sets the stage for the awaited entrance of LaConco who gets the women intrigued on just who she is.

Episode 5: Kulungile Baba…
The sun never sets in the rumour mill as Ayanda hears an astonishing gossip from her brother Phupho, and Sorisha hears her bit in tales from uLaConco. The day both Nonku and Ayanda have been anxious about is finally here. Will the two women hit the right chords in handling the late muso’s commemoration knowing it is about their children more than it is about them?

Episode 6: The Low Down…
After the colourful events of uMemulo, we get a sneak peek into Kgomotso’s home life in an interesting conversation with her husband, Odwa. Sorisha is back in the circles with her son feeling better. Post attending uMemulo, her next stop is by Ayanda’s to hear all about meeting Nothile.

Episode 7: Backhander…
Nonku tries to redeem herself amongst the Housewives with a Golf Day experience. LaConco is nervous about pulling off a lasting impression and ensuring the ladies have a great time. Seeing as all the ladies will be together in one space for more than 24 hours, will they make it back intact?

Episode 8: Smoke & Mirrors
The new dawn at the Midlands shines over LaConco’s big day. Annie’s later arrival brings a few rumours that change the mood. Did LaConco do what Annie is accusing her of? Mabusi is also demanding answers from her new bestie in LaConco. The second dinner exposes a tender side of Kgomotso, leaving everyone touched at the table.

Episode 9: Purposefully…
Sorisha eases the tension with an active morning at the Getaway and after some Go-karting adrenalin rush, what she intended for good causes a crash between LaConco and Annie. Ayanda gets a disturbing call from her family and escapes the steam at the table. Will an evening at Sorisha’s help Annie and LaConco squash the beef?

Episode 10: Uninvited…
In an unexpected burst of information, LaConco is left having to explain why other ladies didn’t get an invite to her function. Nonku takes no prisoners in qualifying the real reasons why LaConco left them out. Division seeps in amongst the ladies.

Episode 11: The Streets
The Durban queens arrive in Cape Town and Nonku throws a surprise welcome, but before they even experience their first sunset their high heels are already on each other’s toes. Sorisha confronts issues, opening a whole can of worms on LaConco’s reasons for snubbing them an invite to her event. How will she get out of this one?

Episode 12: Say It To Her Face
After Mabusi’s 180 on Nonku’s apology, how will the dinner end? Ayanda returns to the table after a moment alone, hurt by the 3rd degree on her late mom. Nonku breaks down in a private conversation with Annie after the events of the night with Mabusi, and Kgomotso stands up for her against LaConco and Ayanda to their surprise.

Episode 13: Reunion Part 1: What Had Happened Was…
Nonku explains her shock when Ayanda had no memory of her at the infamous Diwali party after their brief encounter during her pregnancy; and sets the record straight on her friendship with Mabusi. Annie doesn’t mince her words. Will LaConco’s attempts at manoeuvring everybody through the maze of her relationship leave them content?

Episode 14: Reunion Part 2: Is All Fair in Love and War?
Ayanda sheds a dim light on how “food” continues to rob her of her loved ones in recent events – to everyone’s surprise. Phupho comes in and shakes things up. Nonku’s guest brings Ayanda to tears and leaves everyone shook.

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