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With out trusted partners endevour to fulfil our mission and vision for the region and Africa at large.

Our partner in Kenya is KBC:

A message from Waithaka Waihenya, Chairman of MultiChoice Kenya 

MultiChoice Kenya was established as a joint venture between MultiChoice Africa Limited and the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation ("KBC") in February 1995. 

The joint venture, which was founded at the beginning of the liberalisation of the broadcasting industry in Kenya, was an important milestone for both the expansion of MultiChoice Africa and the future of public-private sector partnerships in Kenya. 

At a time when the only players in the market were the KBC and KTN, the investment made by MultiChoice Africa in Kenya signified the confidence we held in Kenya’s public institutions. This played a key role in Kenya’s development as an investment destination of choice for major corporate players. 

MultiChoice Kenya is committed to the future of the country, and plays an integral role in education and development. We subscribe to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical conduct, and strive to be a model investor and employer. We pride ourselves in always putting the subscriber first, providing superior customer service, technical support and subscriber management. 

While the company focuses a great deal of effort on informing, educating and entertaining viewers through world-class programming carried on DStv, MultiChoice Africa also effectively links the countries of Africa, making them effective participants, rather than mere spectators, in the fast evolving global world of digital television. 

MultiChoice Africa has enjoyed rapid growth across the continent despite the daunting challenges faced due to factors such as the rapidly changing technological landscape. We are committed to the continent and look forward to continuing to service our subscribers for many years. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

MultiChoice Kenya is leveraging its technology platform and channel content as a powerful teaching and learning tool through a partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Education and other partners. Through this partnership, 70 Kenyan schools have benefitted from the MultiChoice Resource Centre programme.

While MultiChoice uses its technology platform and content as a powerful learning tool, the partnership with the Ministry of Education ensures that deserving schools are selected and capacity building and ongoing support of teachers unlocks the full potential of the resources in the classroom. 

The MultiChoice Resource Centres are assessed on a quarterly basis to determine progress, achievements and challenges. The findings of the monitoring and evaluation studies are then analysed to enrich the programme. 


In the latest study, teachers from the sampled schools in Kenya overwhelmingly rated teaching through television and video as extremely effective. However, the most impressive outcome has been the rate at which the participating schools have used the technology platform to build a library of information for weekly use in the classroom. Most schools have found these a useful tool and now incorporate it in their learning schedules. The monitoring and evaluation carried out in the schools has produced encouraging results which will be utilised to inform strategies for the deployment of more centres in Kenya. 

MultiChoice Kenya is excited about the prospects for a partnership with United States Agency for International Development, the Kenyan Institute of Education (KIE) and Mindset Network. The USAID KIE Mindset Tafakari Project Kenya aims to enhance skills in digital curriculum content development and production. The project was  rolled out to teachers in 22 Teachers Training Colleges.