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Alaiberu battles the Agbarakas - Slum King Image : 17855
Oro Lede bleeds – Slum King Image : 17843
Oro Lede bleeds – Slum KingOro Lede grapples with the devastating loss of lives after the carnival. Yagazie discovers the heartbreaking news of her lost unborn baby, and a fierce argument sees Maje challenging Imole for the throne.
A deadly carnival - Slum King Image : 17835
A deadly carnival - Slum KingMaje and Zange find themselves in a fierce fight. Simultaneously, chaos ensues at the Oro Lede carnival when a deadly drug is accidentally mixed with the refreshments.
Hidden secrets - Slum King Image : 17826
Hidden secrets - Slum KingKaima is caught in a compromising position with Friday, while Yagazie's world crumbles as Zanga reveals his shocking involvement in her mother's tragic death.
No more drug trade - Slum King Image : 17715
No more drug trade - Slum KingKate steps in to stop Banjo from further abusing his wife, while Imole affirms that there will no longer be drug trades in Oro Lede.
Imole causes chaos - Slum King Image : 17692
Imole causes chaos - Slum KingAfter deciding to close down the business following a disagreement within the group, Sapele Water confronts a bloodthirsty Imole who wastes no time getting rid of anything or anyone in his way.
Tequila pays the Ultimate price - Slum King Image : 17683
Tequila pays the Ultimate price - Slum KingTequila's betrayal of Imole sparks a fierce fight, leading to an unexpected fatality. Meanwhile, Maje rekindles ties with Yagazie and his childhood sweetheart, Kate.
The prison breakout – Slum King Image : 17668
The prison breakout – Slum KingIn the face of a looming death sentence, Maje teams up with Imole, who has a vendetta against Tequila, to make a daring escape from incarceration, leading them to an unexpected crash at a wedding celebration.
Revenge is served - Slum King Image : 17532
Revenge is served - Slum KingBeing privy to secrets and witnessing several deaths in Oro Lede puts Edafe's only surviving family member's life in danger. With a price on his grandmother's head, she gets shot, and a furious Edafe seeks revenge by murdering her killer, Dare.
Edafe's travails - Slum King Image : 17530
Edafe's travails - Slum KingYoung Edafe witnesses the brutal murder of his family, haunted by shadows and ghostly memories as he struggles to cope with the traumatic events.
All hail the Slum King – AM Promo Image : 17377
All hail the Slum King – AM PromoA traumatized tout, seeking redemption for his dastardly actions, is forced by a drug cartel network on a path paved with drugs, blood, and gore to become the coveted Slum King. Tune in for the premiere on October 8 at 20:00 WAT on Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151.
Alaiberu battles the Agbarakas - Slum King

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