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The Iye lives on! – Enakhe Image : 14416
Toothpick is a snitch – Enakhe Image : 14415
Toothpick is a snitch – EnakheAfter being asked to testify against the Iwinosas, Toothpick reveals to Enakhe that he's been working undercover, but assures her that she's not in any trouble as his loyalties remain with her and Cali.
We're in the end games now! – Enakhe Image : 14414
We're in the end games now! – EnakheAfter staging her own death and having the details hidden from her mother and Cali, Enakhe makes a rather murderous return and wipes Osaze's family off the face of the earth
RIP Mr Emeka (or not!) – Enakhe Image : 14354
RIP Mr Emeka (or not!) – EnakheDespite the AIG's insults and being accused of killing Mr Emeka, Enakhe decides to take a chill pill and continue honouring their initial arrangement. In retaliation, the AIG has his men raiding Cali's house.
Stone kills Orobo in cold blood – Enakhe Image : 14305
Stone kills Orobo in cold blood – EnakheAfter getting the guard drunk and trying to help Orobo escape, Stone pulls a gun as soon as he hears Enakhe's voice and kills Orobo
Speak or die, Orobo! – Enakhe Image : 14238
Speak or die, Orobo! – EnakheOnanefe pours his heart out to Enakhe and asks why he's not good enough to be her man, and after mocking Enakhe by calling her a bluff, Orobo is shocked to find out that Enakhe's men are close to finding her mother and brother
Cali wants answers, now! – Enakhe Image : 14181
Cali wants answers, now! – EnakheEnakhe has Ivie exactly where she wants her, and Cali refuses to let Jacinta's corpse be and demands to know why he was never told that Latifah actually killed his mother.
Enakhe's chief of security is the enemy – Enakhe Image : 12951
Enakhe's chief of security is the enemy – EnakheEnakhe finds out that she's pregnant, Cali blames himself for the attack on Jacinta, and Enakhe's right-hand-woman proves to have been playing spy all along and causing havoc between the Iwinosas and Osagies.
Latifah dies, then lives again – Enakhe Image : 12546
Latifah dies, then lives again – EnakheJacinta is found throwing bullet jabs at Enakhe and her guards, and after being pronounced dead, Latifah shows signs of life
A temporary truce – Enakhe Image : 12478
A temporary truce – EnakheEnakhe and Jacinta shake hands after forging a temporary truce over Jonas' death, Emeka's men attack Onanefe and his men, and Ivie claims to have a plan that will set her up for life.
Top 10 moments Enakhe handled business like a boss Image : 12451
Top 10 moments Enakhe handled business like a bossFrom GM's untimely death to Jonas' total elimination, here are top 10 moments Enakhe wore her big girl pants and handled business like the Godmother that she is.
Enakhe killed Jonas, Cali! – Enakhe Image : 12423
Enakhe killed Jonas, Cali! – EnakheAccording to Jacinta, Ivie's claims to have been involved with Jonas and that Enakhe killed him because she found out about their affair, and Stone pulls the trigger on his own brother.
What just happened?! – Enakhe Image : 12385
What just happened?! – EnakheJacinta answers a suspicious call after Cali retreats to the bedroom and Ivie pulls Onanefe into a trance and commands him to kill Enakhe
Did you kill him? – Enakhe Image : 12380
Did you kill him? – EnakheJacinta swears to avenge her brother, and Enakhe puts on a show and cries foul when Cali confronts her about Jona's death
Seducing Jonas – Enakhe Image : 12360
Seducing Jonas – EnakheStone spills the beans about Jonas' involvement with GM and Emeka, and Jacinta confronts her brother about the allegations.
I'm pregnant! – Enakhe Image : 12332
I'm pregnant! – EnakheOnanefe decides to give Enakhe some space, Ivie is forced to swallow the new godmother's wrath, and Jonas doesn't approve of Jacinta's pregnancy, especially since this is a plus for the Iwinosas.
Remember the rules! – Enakhe Image : 12314
Remember the rules! – EnakheEnakhe questions Jonas' loyalty to the table, Stone is taken in for questioning, and Enakhe seeks to strike a deal with the commissioner.
Heartless, shameless! – Enakhe Image : 12291
Heartless, shameless! – EnakheEnakhe fuels Stone's fire and has him kill Osase in cold blood, Jacinta makes Cali swear that he knew nothing about Enakhe's plan, and Virginia is caught between a rock and a hard place when her son's safety is threatened.
This one na ambush! – Enakhe Image : 12269
This one na ambush! – EnakheAfter Jonas insisted that Enakhe unwind and let her worries fly free, she and Onanefe received special deliveries, both adorned with Efe's hands.
Business must go on! – Enakhe Image : 12250
Business must go on! – EnakheJonas justifies his ties to GM by making mention of how the madwoman saved him from the claws of the law
Men in cages – Enakhe Image : 12230
Men in cages – EnakheGM hosts a fistfight that's apparently meant to put an end to all feuds, only this time, the Iwinosas were on display and it wasn't a pretty sight
Use your kidneys to think! – Enakhe Image : 12208
Use your kidneys to think! – EnakheArchie refuses to talk to a desperate Ivie, and Enakhe and Jonas come to some sort of an agreement and Jonas protects her from his hired hand,.
Questions unanswered! – Enakhe Image : 12188
Questions unanswered! – EnakheOnanefe demands to know what's happening between Enakhé and her ex, Archie finally finds out what GM thinks of him but insists on going through with the proposal.
Gunning for the Iwinosas – Enakhe Image : 12162
Gunning for the Iwinosas – EnakheJM manages to escape Enakhe's grip and makes a run for it, and Stone finds a document linked to the Iwinosa property while hiding in archie's house
The Iye lives on! – Enakhe