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The Sanctuary

A life to save more – Chronicles Image : 17913
A miracle and a death sentence – Chronicles Image : 17872
A miracle and a death sentence – ChroniclesIn a surprising turn of events, the church rallies for Dami's brother's surgery funds, while Chief sets a ruthless directive for the bandits.
Flo plays smart – Chronicles Image : 17863
Flo plays smart – ChroniclesAs they solicit funds from Pastor Momodu and the Church to save Dami's brother, Flo sabotages the situation to pay back her debt. With a gun pointed at Dami's head, she threatens to shoot if Pastor Momodu fails to make the transfer to a different account.
A deadly ultimatum – Chronicles Image : 17848
A deadly ultimatum – ChroniclesFlo issues a chilling ultimatum – she's prepared to eliminate anyone, even Dami's sister, as she remains steadfast in her mission to save Mofe.
A mother's plea – Chronicles Image : 17834
A mother's plea – ChroniclesIn the midst of the chaos, Flo and the medic work tirelessly to save the life of a man who has been shot. Meanwhile, Dami's mother pleads with her to surrender to the police and bring an end to the church siege.
Flo gets a shocker – Chronicles Image : 17810
Flo gets a shocker – ChroniclesWhile interrogating the Police spy, Dami queries Flo about their chances of leaving the church because of her gun use. Flo mentions her father as their saving grace, only to find out he offered Dami money for her life.
A little evil is necessary – Chronicles Image : 17714
A little evil is necessary – ChroniclesFlo urges Kainene to take the money and leave the country while Chief Odenigbo insists his daughter has to be taken out to salvage his political career.
The fake gun speculation – Chronicles Image : 17693
The fake gun speculation – ChroniclesAs the members of the church question whether or not the robbers are holding real guns, Dami and Flo get into an argument over the treatment of the hostages. In the heat of the moment, Flo receives a phone call with a gunshot as the only message.
A bullet to the head  – Chronicles Image : 17682
A bullet to the head – ChroniclesPastor Momodu engages in intense negotiations to secure the hostages' release. However, a family crisis forces Dami to succumb to Chief Odenigbo's demands, resulting in a tragic turn as Flo meets an unfortunate fate.
The negotiations begin – Chronicles Image : 17536
The negotiations begin – ChroniclesAs the police step back, negotiations kick off in earnest, involving the robbers, Chief Odenigbo, the hostages, and the commanding officer.
The police invade the church - Chronicles Image : 17533
The police invade the church - ChroniclesFollowing a distress call about an ongoing armed robbery, the police attempt to storm the church only to discover the robbers have compelled the hostages to divert their attention.
A robbery diversion - Chronicles Image : 17524
A robbery diversion - ChroniclesIn a daring heist, a group of female robbers lays siege to a church as a diversion, taking the choir hostage and insisting they sing or die.
Chronicles – AM Promo Image : 17486
Chronicles – AM PromoThe story follows four girls who plan a heist to steal from Chief Odenigbo, a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Things do not go according to plan and the girls are trapped inside the church - Sanctuary Chapel. Don’t miss the spellbinding premiere of Chronicles on October 6th at 8:30 WAT, exclusively on Africa Magic Showcase.
A life to save more – Chronicles

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