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The All Stars season that was – BBNaija

02 October 2023
It was a totally different ball game as the twists and turns kept everyone on their feet.
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The Big Brother Naija All Stars season started with a bang as 20 housemates from previous seasons answered Biggie's call to have another round of thrilling adventure in the iconic BBNaija house.

The anticipation among fans was palpable as they eagerly awaited the return of their favourite housemates, ready to witness new alliances, intense rivalries, and unexpected twists that would keep them glued to their screens. 

Little did they know that this season would surpass all expectations, delivering unforgettable moments and captivating drama that would leave a lasting impact on both the housemates and viewers alike. Biggie also pulled out the stops with twists and turns that made for the most amazing Big Brother Naija season.

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Biggie's bag of tricks

Right when the season started, Biggie wasted no time in revealing some tricks that shocked viewers and would go on to test the housemates in ways they never anticipated. The introduction of the Black Envelope challenge, Pardon Me Please twist  and BFFs was an interesting game changer that saw the housemates re-evaluating their strategies and alliances. 

The black envelope challenge added an element of unpredictability to the game as it saw the housemates become hesitant about finding them over the unpredictability of what it contained. The housemates who were lucky enough to get immunity from the Black Envelope were Angel, Alex, Adekunle and Ceec.

Whitemoney was however, one of the unfortunate few whose Black Envelope experience turned out to be a major setback. Instead of receiving immunity, Whitemoney's pick automatically made him a nominated housemate for the week.

Conspiracies allowed

Unlike previous seasons of Big Brother Naija, the All Stars were permitted to speak about nominations and conspire within themselves for nominations. Their first attempt was, however, met with shock when Biggie informed them of the Pardon Me, Please twist in their first nominations. They were quick to make adjustments, with Angel at the forefront. She consistently spoke with her fellow housemates about who to save with the Pardon Me Please nominations.

The conspiracy led to tears, fights, and tough conversations between the housemates. Soma, Doyin, and Frodd were the lucky housemates to have benefited from the Pardon Me Please nominations before Biggie flipped the script and went back to the regular nominations.
This led to further conspiracy among the housemates, leading to a shift in alliances and intense gameplay all through the season.

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Parrot brouhaha

No doubt, Parrot was the 21st unofficial housemate who brought chaos into the house with the revelation of other housemates conversations. Its presence added a layer of mystery at first, which later turned to fear as some housemates, like Mercy Eke, vowed to remain silent before the parrot exposed them again 🤣.

Everytime the parrot brought to light one spicy discussion or the other, the house is instantly lit on fire as the All Stars involved either quarrel, chose to remain silent or just tackle the gossip, apologise to each other and move on.

The last gist the parrot dropped involved Angel, Ceec, Doyin, KimOprah, Mercy Eke and Pere. The bickering, head butting and curses that followed led to Pere's fist opening a hole in Biggie's wall which landed him another strike. Talk about an epic reaction.

One thing about the parrot was its unpredictability as it sometimes shared one conversation or mash up multiple discussions leaving the All Stars confused at first before descending into mayhem. In this season, "fear who no fear parrot"

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Who can forget the bromance among the All Stars men at the beginning? Ike, Kiddwaya, Pere and Seyi were united in their plot to get the All Stars women out of the house by all means.

Ike's role in thrashing Ilebaye's locker not only earned him a strike but also set the ball in motion for Ilebaye to emerge as the winner of the All Stars season. Unfortunately, Ike, Kiddwaya, and Seyi all left the house at some point for the women whose game proved to be actually stronger than it might look, and with their exit, the 'brothership' between Cross and Pere took on a deeper level.

Not only did these two share a connection, they also shared a mutual friendship with Biggie's houseguest, KimOprah, and even this did not break their bond.

The sismance, on the other hand, did go through a lot of challenges in the All Stars house. We saw Doyin and Ilebaye's shaky own, Ceec and Doyin, and Angel and Venita. The sismance between Angel and Venita stood firm even when Ebuka revealed the love letter Angel wrote to Venita's boo Adekunle.

This showed that Venita was real when she told Angel that she could trust her with her own kids. Despite the intensity of this season's game, we sure enjoyed the all-boys and all-girls dynamics that were constantly at play in the house.

The season may have ended but the memories will live on. As we look forward to the next season of Big Brother Naija, we can't help but wonder who the next set of housemates will be and what adventures await them in the iconic Big Brother Naija house.

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