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Day 24 – 16 Aug: Pardon me please causing rifts in the house – BBNaija

16 August 2023
Soma and Frodd's pardon me please did not expose the kind of beef that Doyin's pardon has surfaced.
Pardon me beef

The pardon me please nomination process, where housemates can seek pardons from their fellow housemates, has not only shaken up the dynamics of the house but has also led to unexpected beed among the housemates. SomaFrodd, and Doyin have already been recipients of this unique form of nomination, and while it might seem like a chance for harmony to prevail, it has sparked discord that has left the house buzzing with tension.

Doyin's pardon has ignited conflicts that are brewing under the surface. Angel, who had earlier favoured pardoning Adekunle as per Venita's request, found herself in a brewing feud when the housemates' perspectives shifted hers, leading to Doyin's pardon instead. 

The rift between Angel and Venita came to light during their diary sessions. Angel spoke about her lingering issues with Venita, and interestingly, Venita had the same topic on her mind. What transpired in their conversation with Bigie was Angel's change of heart, leading to the sudden shift in nominations. This change caught Venita off guard, leading to her silent treatment of Angel and accusations of betrayal.

The heart of the issue seems to be centred around the dynamics of power and decision-making. Angel's assertion that a pardon should come from the person nominating, rather than from the one seeking pardon, is her justification for her decision. 

Venita expressed to Biggie that she did not understand why Angel did not inform her of the change and was disappointed that conversations happened without her. Biggie asked Angel what she plans to do with Venita's silence, and she said "Nothing." She felt that Venita needs to be mature and start the conversation but it seems as though Venita does not have plans to have the conversation. Instead, Venita told Biggie that Angel wants to be pardoned next week, and Frodd and Mercy Eke disagree that she should. 

Watch the housemates conspire: 


The pardon me please nominations have also caused some beef for Kiddwaya who feels like the "other side" which includes the former Pepper Dem housemates and the "peripheral lone rangers," which includes Angel, Doyin and Ilebaye, are conspiring to get their people nominated. He had a plan to get Tolanibaj pardoned, but the plan did not go very well. They had sent Cross to campaign for nominations for Tolanibaj from Ilebaye. Their conversation went well, and they sealed their deal with a passionate kiss. However, during nominations, Ilebaye nominated her friend Doyin, who received the pardon.

Nominations are traditionally kept a secret, but now housemates can discuss them, creating rifts and exposing alliances. Will the silence be the calm before the storm like Venita alluded to, or will the housemates keep a level head despite their campaigns proving unfruitful? 

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