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Day 24 – 16 Aug: Leadership tensions for the wager task running high – BBNaija

16 August 2023
Alex is having an eventful day as she tries to complete her storytelling for the wager task.
Wager task-Alex

The All Stars house has become a pressure cooker of emotions, as the housemates find themselves engulfed in a battle of leadership dynamics and creative collaboration. At the heart of this tension lies the task of creating a currency with seven denominations, a challenge that has divided the housemates into specialized teams – design, creative, and presenting.

The task's leadership mantle has been placed upon the shoulders of the HoH, Mercy Eke, and her assistant Frodd. These two have orchestrated the division of the housemates into their respective teams, each with a critical role to play in the successful execution of the task. However, it is the story team that has been experiencing the brunt of the pressure.

At the helm of the story team is Alex, who has been tasked with crafting the narrative that will give life to the new currency. Her mission seemed promising at first, as she diligently set to work and even managed to construct the core of the story. Yet, an intricate web of blank spaces has woven itself into the narrative, largely due to the design team's failure to provide Alex with the crucial details she requires to complete her work.

However, communication breakdowns and differing priorities have led to a standstill, leaving Alex grasping for the missing pieces. This frustration came to a head when Alex confided in Seyi about Venita's advice to disregard the details she desperately needs, including the currency's name. This situation has thrown Alex's creative process into disarray, casting a shadow over her ability to fulfil her role effectively.

In a candid garden conversation between Alex, Frodd, and Mercy Eke, it became evident that the housemates were rallying behind Alex as a potential leader to guide them through this challenge. Frodd encouraged her to lead with transparency and collaboration, cautioning against the use of "I" in discussions to avoid any potential conflicts. 

As the tension mounts, Alex's interactions with fellow housemates like Seyi and Cross further illuminate the strain she is under. "You are always the one who wants to jump the gun," Cross said to Alex. Seyi's intervention on Alex's behalf underscored the importance of respecting her creative process, hinting that the current approach might be stifling her creativity. 

Watch Alex plead with Frodd and Mercy Eke: 

The impending clash between Alex's influence and Venita's strong opinions has the potential to lead to some wager wahala. Mercy Eke, who has long supported Alex's storytelling prowess, might emerge as a pivotal figure in this dynamic, offering encouragement and guidance even in the face of conflicting perspectives. Will Mercy Eke be able to support Alex even in the presence of her friend Venita if conflict erupts? 

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