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Day 23 – 15 Aug: Is Pere contemplating a voluntary exit? – BBNaija

15 August 2023
After a heated brawl, Pere shared that the energy in the house is getting to him and he is considering asking Biggie to go home.
Pere exit

The Big Brother Naija All Stars house has always been a pressure cooker of emotions, drama, and conflicts, and some housemates might be contemplating getting out of the kitchen. The latest buzz inside the house revolves around the possibility of some housemates considering a voluntary exit and one of the key figures in this narrative is Pere, whose recent clash with Adekunle has weighed heavily on him. 

The catalyst for this controversy were the HoH games, where Adekunle inadvertently caused a spillage that led to his disqualification. Tempers flared, and a heated exchange ensued between Adekunle, Pere and Neoenergy. Adekunle's subsequent antics, dancing and adopting an American accent, further fueled the confrontation. This altercation only added fuel to an existing fire between Adekunle and Pere, who had previously clashed over their roles in the wager presentation.

Watch the heated moment: 

The interpersonal dynamics inside the All Stars house are complex, with alliances and personal histories intertwining. Could Venita's close relationship with Adekunle suggest that his actions could be influenced by his loyalty to her? Venita's disappointment in Pere's behaviour has been acknowledged during a live show by host Ebuka, who emphasised that the game often brings out different sides of people. Pere and Venita's history outside the house has added an additional layer of tension, as evidenced by Pere's statement that his game would improve if Venita were evicted.

However, Pere's struggles extend beyond his interactions with Adekunle. A heart-to-heart conversation with Alex revealed that the energy within the house has taken a toll on him emotionally. Alex, who herself had contemplated a voluntary exit during the first week due to the intense pressure, discouraged Pere from making a hasty decision. She reminded him that it's normal to feel hurt, and challenged him to persevere despite the difficulties.

Watch Alex encourage Pere: 

The roller-coaster ride of Big Brother Naija shows no signs of slowing down, and the pressure might be making housemates feel the need to go back to their normal lives, but would any of them see this through? 

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