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Day 47: Bella fights for rehearsals over food – BBNaija

08 September 2022
With irritation, Bella told the Head of House they should rehearse first for their Wager and not wait for Rachel to finish cooking.
Bella and Sheggz in the Lounge

After losing last week's Wager, the Level Up Housemates need to up their game. Head of House Hermes has made it clear that they need to apply as much effort as possible on working together for the Task Presentation on Friday. He believes that it would alleviate the current food conflict in the House. 

Last night, Housemates received their traditional props and dance music from Biggie, prompting Task leader Phyna to start practicing, and later joined by the other Housemates. Though not an official practice session, it progressed pretty seamlessly. 

Now that the Housemates are eating as a collective and sharing the cooking role, yesterday's ‘chef’ was Rider Rachel. So HoH Hermes announced that official practice would commence after Rachel was done. Bella objected, suggesting that they should practice first and then eat later. 

Practicing first would exclude Rachel, who was making food for the collective, and Hermes did not think it was fair. "Now we can't practice because of one person," Bella opposed. She believed that if they eat first, then they would be too tired to practice. 

However, Bella raised her voice in objection to Hermes, and he clarified that everyone has the right to choose when they want to practice, before or after dinner. "Rubbish talk," Bella called it, blaming Rachel for the delay. She told Sheggz that cooking for the collective should not be that hard. “If it's not, then you go do it," Sheggz quipped unexpectedly. 

In a democratic move, HoH Hermes called for a show of hands from Housemates who preferred practicing before eating. Surprisingly, Hermes found himself on his own on this option, not even Bella or her on/off beau Sheggz raised their hands in support of the motion that she had raised so passionately in the first place. It would seem Bella was now embarrassed by how unpopular her suggestion was in the House. So much for all that drama!

Hermes is showing up as Head of House this week, ensuring that important conversations are had, and key issues are addressed. Before he announced the order of the night, he informed the Housemates that Phyna had full authority during Task preparation, and no one is allowed to speak without raising their hands. 

Food wars ensue...again

When Rachel was finally done cooking it was time to serve Housemates chicken or beef. Bella stated that she preferred beef after Rachel had served her chicken and the latter obliged. Sheggz seemed to have thought that Rachel did not oblige because shortly after, he started hurling various insults at the cook.  What ensued after left all Housemates in total silence and shock. Sheggz could be heard saying that "I'm too big to talk to you," adding that Rachel is using him for "Twitter clicks." Rachel retorted that Sheggz should simply be grateful that she cooked.

Watch how they went at each other

This is not the first time we have seen Level Up Housemates hurl insults at each other over food. How far the food wars will continue only time will tell.

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