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A recap of shows on Africa Magic this August

30 August 2022
August came with fiery heat and we captured interesting moments here.
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The 21st night of September…

You can already tell we are loving all the vibes September has the offer and we plan to make this month one to remember. Also, it’s the beginning of the ‘Mber’ months too so you know it is all fun and festivities from here onward. Just before we get into it, how about we give you a recap of all our AM shows in the month of August? You know, just a lil throwback before we get it popping!

August had something for everyone as usual! Excitement, drama, suspense, vawulence, and stupendous comedy. Oh boy, did we laugh until our bellies ached. One of these instances took place on Judging Matters! We thought we had seen all the bizarre and funny cases but were we in for a surprise!

Drunk on debts (Judging Matters)

Mike had this brilliant idea of calling up the fellas to hang out with him at the bar. They’d order a few drinks and refreshments and have a swell time. Besides he had a football bet lined up and he seemed certain of winning, so money shouldn’t be a problem. Great idea indeed, but the night didn’t go exactly as planned. To begin with, he lost the bet and ended up having way more than a few drinks, which left him seriously in debt. Failing to pay his debt after frequent promises, he found himself in Honourable Olushola Williams' court explaining in the most humourous way why he didn’t think it was possible for him to rack up such a large bill in one night. Watch it for yourself here.

Get it together Peter (Eve)

It’s been one hell of a month for Peter. He is caught in a triangle of trying to win a major court case, saving his marriage, and blackmail hanging over his head. If anyone told Peter things could get this messy, he probably would have laughed it off. But here we are with parents threatening him with curses if he should lose the case, his wife hounding him about never having time for her, and his fling claiming she not only has explicit pictures of them she plans to release but that she is also pregnant. Poor Poor Peter! He really needs to get his business together.

Tribute (The Johnsons)

We finally bade goodbye to Ada Ameh’s character on The Johnson’s with a series of tribute episodes announcing her demise on the show too. It still feels surreal that we will never see fresh new episodes of the matriarch that we have come to know and love. It wasn’t entirely a sober moment. We had our laughs especially when Tari got a tattoo in memory of Ada and… marched into the kitchen to get a knife to scrape it off. It’s going to be tough with Ada gone, but we will hold on to those fond memories and tune in to keep up with her family as they carry on in her absence. If there’s one thing about The Johnsons, they will always make us laugh.

To be or not to be married (My Flatmates)

Frank's plan to marry Mimi hit a stumbling block when his dad disapproved of the union. Welp! Mimi didn’t help matters when she went ballistic after finding out. It was trouble on both sides for Frank. Looks like we are going to put that marriage on ice for now. The rest of the Flatmates were up to their usual shenanigans. Jite found out another man was trying to move to his wife and when he told the guys about it, it was like talking to the wall. Obus and Donatus had more fun playing dumb and dumber while Jite ranted. We couldn’t blame them. It was so funny watching Jite rant. Watch here.

Lovers tiff (Tinsel)

It was couple drama season on Tinsel all month long. Tired of just being taken for a ride along with no clear destination, Helen confronted Shina about what it was they were doing. Baby girl needed more clarity on the status of their relationship. Unfortunately, it wasn’t only their relationship that lacked clarity, Shina’s answer too. He ended up making things worse and threatening what they had. Meanwhile, there’s no end in sight to Damini and Bimpe’s drama. Remember Damini wasn’t too keen on Bimpe being the lead lady on a show he was handling? Well, guess who showed up for the audition with their baby? Yup! Bimpe. Should have seen the look on both their faces.

The weapons formed are prospering (Dilemma)

Ok, this pretty much summarises how we feel.

C’mon! Our girl has been through the most and there is no end in sight yet. Can Kaineto just get a break? It’s bad enough the plan to take down Dembele backfired and her kids almost got killed and still have death threats hanging over their heads, she has now been sent off to the mines where Bouka is making her life a living hell. On the other hand, Goldie now knows the monster her dad is and Solape also knows he was behind his father’s death and they can’t seem to do a thing about it. Even the police chief is unlooking. This is beyond him. Our final hope is Kanan now! Hopefully, he gets to save the day and rescue Kaineto from the monster called Dembele.

The coup (Venge)

It’s no longer news that Mama K has fully embraced the dark side. She has become unhinged and her thirst for blood has become insatiable. It’s no surprise that members of her gang were only too willing to join Bibi and Yemi to gang up against her. It could have been a successful coup if one of her henchmen captured by Yemi didn’t escape and rat them all out to Mama K. How did she handle it? By killing every one of the mutineers except for Bibi who was lucky to escape. The battle wages on as neither of the aggrieved parties is backing down. We wonder who will be the last one standing.

 Shooters Ahoy! (Shoot Your Shot)

It was a great month for the hopeless romantics on Shoot Your Shot. We had about an 80% success rate. Quite a lot of our shooters got a ‘yes’ from their love interests. One particularly interesting one almost had her heart dashed when her crush seemed reluctant at first, but he soon said yes. Hopefully, they are somewhere making plans for their happily ever after.

There you go – a recap of an exciting month! In case you missed any episode, no worries! Showmax to the rescue! Stream every single episode you missed last month wherever you want, whenever you want and on whatever connected device you want.