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Behold, the end – Unbroken

Papa Wande manages to dodge more than just a few bullets aimed at him and potentially meets his end at the backseat of Terfa Gyado's car
Behold, the end – Unbroken Image : 10757


Die! – Unbroken Image : 10759
Behold, the end – Unbroken Image : 10757
Behold, the end – UnbrokenPapa Wande manages to dodge more than just a few bullets aimed at him and potentially meets his end at the backseat of Terfa Gyado's car
Before I died – Unbroken Image : 10713
Before I died – UnbrokenWhile everything around them falls apart, Leon asks Iyoma to marry him, Ademide confesses his undying love for Jesse and Nafike says his final goodbye while at the Mercy of Papa Wande's gas trap
You have that jenesequá  – Unbroken Image : 10712
You have that jenesequá – UnbrokenTallulah goes off at Tivdo for not being able to defend his feelings for her, Layla refuses to say goodbye to her sister and after a meeting with Papa Wande, Nafike tries to convince Tivdo to bow down
He's no son of mine – Unbroken Image : 10663
He's no son of mine – UnbrokenIt looks like Papa Wande's back up plan has a black up plan and none of the hostages, including his son, are out of the woods... At least not yet.
Did you die? – Unbroken Image : 10600
Did you die? – UnbrokenPapa Wande has a mission for Scabadah, and as things stand, Tallulah's life is in grave danger
You’re alive – Unbroken Image : 10524
You’re alive – UnbrokenAbimbola and Terfa are worried that their enemies may have the upper hand and as such, decide that’s it’s time to disappear into thin air
Let me kill her – Unbroken Image : 10517
Let me kill her – UnbrokenSkabada’s attempt at getting justice for Tobore ends badly after being rounded up and forced to leave, and Jesse refuses to believe a word Ademide says
Saving Iyoma – Unbroken Image : 10508
Saving Iyoma – UnbrokenTivdo warns Terfa about plans to save Iyoma already being in motion and assures him that should anything backfire nothing will be pinned on the Gyados
Abimbola na puppet master – Unbroken Image : 10499
Abimbola na puppet master – UnbrokenFola’s decision to post the video puts their father’s plan at risk, Jesse tries to have Kosovo released from police custody, and Dabota tells all about Abimbola the puppet master
Where is Dabota? – Unbroken Image : 10487
Where is Dabota? – UnbrokenTivdo has a rather unexpected encounter with an NSS mole, Nafike is drawn back into emotional oblivion regarding his bae, and Iyoma is almost harassed into giving the Gyado legal advisor details about Dabota's whereabouts
Betraying Jesse – Unbroken Image : 10481
Betraying Jesse – UnbrokenAdemide deals Jesse the ultimate betrayal and has the board believe that she's incompetent as CEO, and Dabota makes a run for it after collecting gunshots
am unbroken s1 20200602 hl UNBROKEN S1 AM
Taking a bullet for Jesse – UnbrokenThe police question one of the Gyado Mansion robbers, and Jesse asks Tivdo if he would have tried taking a bullet for her when they were still together
Gbas gbos – Unbroken
Gbas gbos – UnbrokenTallulah refuses to let her man touch her, Iyoma lets go of potential romance, Terfa tries to convince Tivdo to step down and Justice threatens Kosi
Plan my divorce party – Unbroken
Plan my divorce party – UnbrokenTerfa promises Abimbola that he's a changed man, Diana escapes the chief's sharp claws and Tivdo asks Nafike to plan his divorce party
Come back home – Unbroken
Come back home – UnbrokenTobore's cousin is caught in a mousetrap, Charity tries to salvage Zua and Tivdo's marriage, and Terfa begs Abimbola to go back to their matrimonial home
My dead cousin – Unbroken
My dead cousin – UnbrokenTobore's cousin advises Jesse to handle Tallulah with her fairly blood-stained hands, and Abimbola tells Gloria off after she attempted to drive her out the Jangfa mansion
Scatterer scattered – Unbroken
Scatterer scattered – UnbrokenNaf's 'business meeting' is cut short with a slap of romance, Jesse is shattered by the terrible news of Maria's passing, and Zua is caught in her pool of lies.
Spoilt to the T – Unbroken
Spoilt to the T – UnbrokenJesse is served a few dosages of her own medicine, Tobore’s position is filled and Terfa demands that Tivdo and Iyoma tell the truth about Tobore’s murder
Tobore today, gone tomorrow – Unbroken
Tobore today, gone tomorrow – UnbrokenAfter being promised death on a platter so many times, Tobore finally swallows a bullet, and Tivdo tried to silence is suspecting driver after being driven away from the scene
Very broken – Unbroken
Very broken – UnbrokenTivdo tries to calm a livid Iyoma, and after finding out that her mother’s killers may never be found, Talulah opens a rape case against Tobore, her father.
Our husband – Unbroken
Our husband – UnbrokenTivdo causes a gnashing of teeth, Dabota and Abimbola bump heads and Tobore confesses to being Talulah’s father
Crazy go round – Unbroken
Crazy go round – UnbrokenNafike refuses to let Jesse go, and Tivdo tries to rescue Tallulah from his crazy wife but is threatened with a huge butcher knife
Spying on a spy  – Unbroken
Spying on a spy – UnbrokenOn all spheres and different office levels, Tobore is the target and not everyone is willing to get on his bad side
Die! – Unbroken

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