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Unpacking the night... Making her decision – Ultimate Love

01 March 2020
With Nominations being spread out broadly this week, Aunty had a tough decision to make when it came time to decide who would compete for her safe.
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As has become customery, Aunty came into the Love Pad after the Checkout show to see how everyone was doing getting met by smiles and hugs from our Love Guests. First Aunty was curious to hear how everyone came to settle on a their Nominations. By and large, most people said they went with their gut feeling as a minute isn't a great deal of time to make a rational choice. Aunty once again reminded them that there's no harm in strategising beforehand in order to win the game even though the primary goal obviously remains, finding their soulmate.

David however, wasn't coy about his motivations. Despite making peace with Rosie and telling her that he still loved her though he couldn't be with her, he put down her name. If you're thinking, "Well, that's not very loving," wait until you hear his reason. In essence, he says it's a game and they wanted Roksie to feel the same way that they did the previous week. 🔥🔥🔥Perhaps the "kiss and make up" moment was an attempt to blind side Rosie so she wouldn't see the Nomination coming?

Next Aunty got into the gist of her visit, OFFICIALLY revealing who's Nominated – but first she chose Jaykech and ObiEbi to compete in her Monday Mission outside in the real world. The winning couple gets saved. The losing couple will join the following couples when line open this Tuesday at 20h00 WAT / 21h00 CAT. Here's who's Nominated so far

  • Jeriton (4 Votes)
  • Roksie (3 Votes)
  • Bolad (2 Votes)
  • Chivia (2 Votes)
  • Jelo (2 Votes)
  • DoubleChris (2 Votes)

PENDING the Monday Mission result either

  • ObiEbi (3 votes) OR
  • Jaykech

Tell us what you think about strategy in the Love Pad. Should the Love Guests start playing to win or just focus on bonding.

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