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The ultimate guidelines for picking “The One” — Ultimate Love

18 February 2020
What do you do when you’ve got a week to find your perfect partner? Bring out your note pads.

Within a week, the Love Guests successfully gave us some tips to follow when finding a lasting relationship. Who’s taking notes❓

Without any doubt, it’s hard finding a love connection with someone you think is ‘The One”. How then were the successful Love Couples able to work in sync towards finding the perfect partners.

We studied #Bolar, #Iykeresa, #Micherry, #Preshdavid, #Jelo, #Obiebi and #Jakykech; and here’s what we found out …

Get you a gist mate, laugh mate and mini lecturer in one

Nothing beats having a partner that makes you giggle like there are no worries in the world. In #Iykeresa and #Micherry’s ships, all we see are smiles, whispers, hugs, laughs and forehead kisses. With #Iykeresa, learning seems to be the order of the day; learning thing or two in the middle of cuddle sessions screams nothing but GOALS 🔥

One more thing, if your partner cannot make you blush like this, then you know what to do

Here’s what we mean 

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All love and no songs makes you a dull couple ... Periodt ❕

Jenny Koko gave us the chills in her ship when she gave Mariah Carey a run for her money, as she sang a gospel song in Louis’ ears.

You can’t deny that didn’t make you feel some type of way too jor. So what are you waiting for? Go get you someone you can have musical performances with (of course, save your neighbor’s ears while at it).

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Distance is not cupid’s mate

See eh, if your partner keeps using distance as an excuse in your relationship or situationship, do yourself the honors dear. You might as well ask #Preshdavid for some tips if love and distance keep fighting a battle in your ship. Like we said, distance is not cupid’s mate. Thank us later!

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Two peas with similar interests in a pod? Yes please!

Bolanle and Arnold found it easy to build a connection immediately they found out that they shared similar interests and career passions. It was no surprise when the couple found themselves in Aunty’s successful pairing list. However, is this enough to keep someone right beside you as “The One”?

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A partner you can’t strategise and joke with, is that one a partner?

With #ObiEbi, gisting and planning for future steps ahead is always the motto of their ship. Observing their relationship in the Love Pad has given us many tips to look out for when looking for a partner. Are you still taking notes? Earlier on, Ebiteinye revealed that she prayed about getting accepted by her desired partner and after what seemed like a long wait, we started seeing some closeness between the two. So you see?

Besides, we also find it cute that this couple are always seen strategising and advising each other, amidst the love and drama in the Love Pad.

Lastly, a sweet, calm and collected partner is what you should look out for while making this decision. Look at #Jaykech and tell us you don’t agree with this tip 😉

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What other personality traits do you consider when choosing an ideal partner? Let us know on social media using the #UltimateLoveNG in your comments.

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