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Plenty drama wey full Season one - Ultimate Love

02 April 2020
We know you guys are already missing Ultimate Love just as much as we are!  So, we thought we should throwback to some of the most dramatic moments that Aunty’s Love Guests gave us during their stay in her Pad. Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, gave us a dose of their own wahala.
David Wilson

From Uche’s early exit to David Wilson’s blatant dishonesty, let’s have a look at some of the moments where our Love Guests left us thinking "Chai!”

Man like Uche did not come to stay

Uche was one of the new Love guests that Aunty added a week into the show. He came in with Jerry, Syliva, and Presh Talker and immediately they shifted the dynamics of the game. He ended up with Chris through the pairing process and was visibly unhappy with it. He was so unhappy about it that he willingly checked himself out of the Love Pad after sleeping in it for only three nights.

“Do you think I’m stupid, David?”

Rosie gave us one of the most memorable moments of Ultimate Love Season one. She launched at David Wilson accusing him of playing with her heart. This after named Presh Talker as his first choice instead of her when it became time to couple up. Her display of raw emotions reverberated in Aunty’s Love Pad as well as on them Twitter streets.

Presh Talker, Rosie, Nkechi…in that order.

Related to the above, is David Wilson’s questionable move when he, with a straight face, looked at Obichukwu and said that Rosie was his number one choice when he knew very well that Presh Talker topped his list. “Yes…I’m serious,” added David Wilson after Obichukwu asked him “are you telling me Rosie was your first choice?”

His list had Presh Talker, Rosie and Nkechi, in that order.

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David Wilson

"Chiddy, it’s too much! Just Stop!"

Sylvia wasn’t trying to have Rosie rock the Chivia boat. Sis was quick to call Chiddy Bankz to order after she felt that he was getting way too cosy with Rosie at one Friday night party. It was hardly an isolated incident as the two shared some form of connection from their initial meeting at the show’s auditions.

Kudos to Chiddy Bankz who heeded his madam’s call and shifted his gaze from Rosie to focus solely on her.

I’m no man’s shadow

Bolanle’s bold personality manifested itself in Aunty’s Love Pad in many ways. The Bolar ship was rocked a few times by incidences that Arnold felt were of Bolanle’s making. She never backed down though; always ready to defend her position. There was that one time she unequivocally stated to Arnold that she’s no man’s shadow. “I’m not going to be your shadow, I would rather end this now… I’m not competing with your ego, I’m not competing with your manhood, I’m not competing with your place of responsibility…you can have that,” stated a super certain Bolanle. Chai! Talk about standing for your matter.

There are more dramatic moments from the season in the video below, take a look:

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