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ObiEbi, PreshDavid Checked Out – Ultimate Love

25 March 2020
ObiEbi and PreshDavid have been Checked Out of the Love Pad with the Finale just a few days away.
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Due to growing concern of the Corona virus and the effort to curb its spread in Nigeria, two Couples have been Checked Out of the Love Pad. ObiEbi and PreshDavid’s journey has unfortunately come to an end and we wish them nothing but the best on their Love journeys.


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A true definition of ‘love is patient’ is ObiEbi. They’ve had their ups and downs in the Love Pad and they’ve always found their way back to each other. From threatening to voluntarily Check Out to sorting out their differences over a nice dinner date, there hasn’t been anything they haven’t done to fight for their love.

Obichukwu even sent a message to his mother saying he’s bringing her a wise and good-looking woman. We’re beaming with pride to have been the ones at the fore to witness them grow both as individuals and as a Couple.


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The start to their love story might have started on a controversial slate but these Love birds have weathered the storms and emerged stronger. They have taught us ‘to fight’ for what they believe in and everything about their journey has been extra ordinary.

The true test of their love awaits them outside of Aunty’s Love Pad and if David’s words are anything to go by, we might see a happily ever after for PreshDavid.

ObiEbi and PreshDavid showed us laughter, tears and tons of fun in the Love Pad and we wish to see more of them on the outside!


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