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Learning from Good Ereseh – Ultimate Love

21 February 2020
Certified matchmaker Good Ereseh came to the Love Pad to give a masterclass.
Good Ereseh

The Love Couples gathered around Good Ereseh to learn about conflict resolution. Sitting in their pairs, they looked very much like students. But it wasn't a one-way lecture, he engaged them with many questions.

He said that the right thing to do in a relationship is to always communicate.

"The sender is the person sending the issue. He or she is not aware of what they’ve done.

The other person becomes the receiver of the conflict," he said.

"When you see her frowning, how do you address it? You still have to ask."

He added that the receiver encodes that information and shares more about the pieces of the problem.

"The sender has to decode it by asking them more questions and asking them to be more precise."

The important part is acceptance, along with doing tasks, such as possibly buying a gift, and of course negotiation.

"When someone is angry, they don’t explain, you have to accept it [and] to be able to explain."

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