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Choosing a ring – Ultimate Love

30 March 2020
Other than a diamond engagement and wedding ring, what would you choose?

When thinking of an engagement and wedding ring, many people instantly think of getting a diamond. However, there are many more gemstones to choose from.

It is also believed that before diamonds became the most popular choice in engagement rings, women received their birthstone in their rings. In that spirit, we're thinking out of the box and have collected the range of birthstones below.

1585574866 34 jan

It is believed to keep the wearer safe, especially when they travel.

1585574968 34 feb

It is believed to make relationships stronger and makes the wearer courageous.  

1585575032 34 march

It is believed to have protected sailors from danger in oceans.

1585575111 34 april

It is believed to increase bravery in wearers.

1585575186 34 may

It is believed to have associations with fertility, rebirth, and love.

1585575240 34 june

It is believed that pearls have various origins: they are teardrops of mermaids or angels; or that they are pieces of the moon that has fallen into the sea.

1585575323 34 july

It is believed to protect whomever wears it from evil.

1585575389 34 august

It is believed to protect the wearer from nightmares when it is set in gold.

1585575440 34 september

It is believed to have once been a favourite amongst royalty and priests.

1585575504 34 october

It is believed to protect the wearer from disease.

1585575563 34 november

It is believed to increase strength and intellectual prowess.

1585575615 34 december


It is believed to calm the mind.

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