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Never Give Up

14 September 2017
It goes to show that the saying, “no condition is permanent”, is very true!

Given the outcome of Episode 13 – specifically Syemca, J’Dess and Ebube – one should never say “never”.

Let’s take it back a little, to the Battles. Remember when Syemca and J’Dess battled Afolayan and Chris Rio respectively? After which their coaches chose Afolayan and Chris Rio as winners of the Battles?  Well, like the ol’ saying goes, where there is a will there is a way and as if J’Dess and Syemca both willed it, not one but three coaches hit their buttons to steal them.

Episode 12 came along where the second group of 16 talent of the Top 32 performed their first Live Show performances and the coaches saved Shapera, Yimika, Jahtell and Wilson. Along with the remaining 12 talents, Syemca, J’Dess and Ebube were automatically up for nomination.

But after a week of waiting and perhaps feeling the pinch of fear and doubt, the results came out and it seems Syemca, J’Dess, Ebube and Idyl’s will made a way and they were saved.

The time for these four Talent to perform alongside the other Talent confirmed to be performing in the third Live Show came. Naturally, nerves could get in the way after not being saved by your coach the last time. But not for Syemca, J’Dess or Ebube because like the phoenix that rose from the ashes, these three talent impressed their coaches enough to secure their saves and a spot at the semi finals; all after just being on the hot nomination seat just a week ago.

This is not to single out Syemca, J’Dess or Ebube but rather to use them as a point of reference for all aspiring musicians, wherever they may be. No condition is permanent. So NEVER GIVE UP!

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