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It’s a Tweeting semi final

18 September 2017
As it has now become the norm, the 4th Live Show was a tweeting success

The beginning of the Semi Finals Show was like a silent buzzer going off in the heads of the fans as it seemed everyone had their phones out on the ready to share the highpoints of the Show on their timelines. One unmissable fact is that the fans and viewers tweeting about the Show almost certainly guarantees the Show ending the night (and sometimes, the next couple of nights too) as the top trend in the country.

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Not discounting anything from the caliber of people who watch the Show, it is always key to note who’s paying attention to the Show and talking about it. Some people have actually gone ahead with their personal predictions for how the Show’s finale will play out, and as na the fans dey yarn, we nor get choice but to hear dia mata.

A cross section of fans have already identified their personal favorites and have been throwing their weights, voices and Votes (or promises of Votes thereof) behind these firm favorites; evident in their posts.

Though the Show is primarily about the Talent and singing, our Coaches play a significant role in raising and maintaining the energy levels of the Show, and we see the fans who are showing them some love. We also see some tweeps who take out time to Show their love for the Show, albeit in their own unique ways.

At the Finale Show this Sunday we shall undoubtedly see a winner get crowned but in order for that to happen, the Top 8 will need all the Votes they can get from you their fans in order to achieve their objectives.  

Tune in to Africa Magic Showcase (DStv Channel 151) or African Magic Urban (DStv Channel 153) this Sunday at 20:00 CAT to catch the final LIVE SHOW on The Voice Nigeria and VOTE to crown your favourite Talent as the winner of the competition.

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