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Driving an epic Show with people power

21 June 2017
A cross section of the audience and how much impact they have in making this Show a success.

Season two of the hit singing show has commenced and the whole continent is already buzzing with the excitement of what is to come. The Coaches have already laid down their markers and with the kind of Talent they have already secured on their respective Teams, we know it’s going to be an epic season. 

After episode one of the new Season, it is safe to say that the Talent on display so far has been nothing short of jaw dropping; and we can use that as a yard stick to gauge the kinds of Talent still to come.

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So in lieu of all these, we take a look at another aspect of the Show which could easily be discounted but is actually an integral part of the framework of the Show, the audience. These are the men and women who sit on the side lines applauding every single Talent that climbs onto the stage to sing.

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Their welcoming applause and cheers they reserve for the Coaches is almost deafening as the excitement is almost uncontainable. The applause and cheers they give each Talent also seems to help calm the Talent’s nerves, and whether the Talent make it past the Blinds or not, they almost always get standing ovations from the audience as they exit the stage.

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The Talent on offer and the Coaches are guaranteed to bring their A-Game every time they step out and we love them for that. But we also have to acknowledge the impact a boisterous crowd adds to a Show of this magnitude. So, a major shout out goes to every member of our studio audience, we appreciate you all.

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