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Coaches on Talent Performances

07 September 2017
Here's what the coaches had to say to the 16 talent that performed in Episode 12.

Episode 12 saw the second group of 16 Talent from the top 32 perform. From the encouraging to the poetic to the funny; the coaches had much to say about each performance:

Team Waje 


Timi Dakolo: “To carry out a Beyonce’s song and do it effortlessly. She’s singing the truth.”


Yemi Alade: “At first I heard the nerve but she picked herself up.”

Waje: “Toni Braxton is someone we listened to when we were leaning how to sing and to make it your own. You try.”


Patoranking: “Shapera I’m a big fan of your voice. I’ve always wanted you on my team… There is a saying, talent will take you there, but in this case your hunger and fight will get you there.”

Waje: “This you did right here tonight is A plus.”


Patoranking: “IK, I dare you to ask me what you think about her performance.”

Yemi Alade: “J’Dess…you look like a superstar, you act like one.”

Team Pato


Timi Dakolo: “Ebube Dike! If a man conquers fear, he conquers all.”

Patoranking: “It’s a 100 for me. Ebube, watching you from the blinds to the Lives…growth.”


Yemi Alade: (sings) “This is no ordinary song”…E no easy o babe. Weh don.

Patoranking:  “Ik, it’s just like seeing a pastor in the church and asking if you are in the church…of course I’m very happy.”


Waje: “You know say you dey smile…you just make the song dey reach me.”

Patoranking: “If there was anything missing… it would be (after the longest pause) Timi not wearing his cap today. Daniel thank you for being in team Patoranking.”


Yemi Alade: “Yimika! Yimi… Yimisky! Yimi baby. Pemperepeh! My guy, I greet you. Weh don.”

Team Timi


Patoranking: “Ahyeah! Ahyeah! Hit me! Ahyeah! Hit me!”

Timi Dakolo: “Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Timi Dakolo and I am her coach… They say it’s not over until…Jahtell sings.”


Timi Dakolo: “This song is way off your genre of music and you delivered it!”


Patoranking: “Ik you know Reggae music is life. In his performance you can see life. (In bad British accent) In my British accent you can see truth!”

Timi Dakolo: “With this kind of performance, you are supposed to be singing Reggae songs.”


Waje: “I like the blue note he added to it. Just showing he’s a boss. Weh don sah.”

Timi Dakolo: “You are probably the hardest working person on this show.”

Team Yemi


Waje : “It [the song] is not big enough for Wilson. Yes it’s a big song but Wilson has what it takes.”

Yemi Alade: “Thank you so much for always listening.”


Timi Dakolo: “See I like teachable people. I’m very proud of you.”

Yemi Alade: “Oge Nne, thank you so much for listening. You planned what you are going to do from A to Z. And you did it girl. Thank you.”


Patoranking: “She had beautiful presence and I enjoyed the performance.”


Yemi Alade: “It takes a great singer, an amazing entertainer and a good dancer to pull off Michael Jackson!”

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