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Are you the ultimate Team-mate?

03 August 2017
Almost half way through the Show, we test how well the fans know their favourite Teams.

The Coaches have done a sterling job of putting together their Teams leading up to the Battles; and they have tried their best to create Battle pairings that will not only bring out the best in each Talent, but help them mature in their journey into becoming music sensations across the continent.

 So far, we have seen six Battle pairings duke it out in the ring-styled Stage, plus we have witnessed two Steals already which all portends to a bumper epic ride to the Live Shows as we still have 17 more Battle pairings to see; YAYness.

Do YOU really consider yourself as the ultimate Team-mate or fan of #TeamYeami, #TeamTimi, #TeamWaje or #TeamPato? Take this short quiz to see which Team you belong to!

       For my Blind audition, I would sing:

  1. Jangilova
  2. When you believe
  3. I’m with you
  4. Zuchiya daya


        How old are you?

  1. 25 years’ old
  2. 32 years’ old
  3. 25 years’ old
  4. 22 years’ old


        From which state are you?

  1. Abia state
  2. Imo State
  3. Delta State
  4. Bayelsa State


       Asides from singing, my occupation would be…?

  1. Caterer
  2. Logistics Manager
  3. Trainee sound engineer
  4. Final year student.


       If I could choose another career, apart from singing; it would be…?

  1. A cook/Restaurateur
  2. A Chef
  3. Fashion designer
  4. A soldier


       My favorite meal is…?

  1. Fufu and Oha Soup
  2. Eba and Egusi soup
  3. Starch and Banga soup
  4. Pounded yam and Egusi soup.

If you got mostly A answers, then you are certainly #TeamPato. If your answers were mostly B then you are probably part of the Samurai Team - #TeamYemi. If C was the most common answer for you, then you are probably with the queen; #TeamWaje. If most of your answers are D then you my friend are #TeamTimi.

Post your comments below stating the Team you represent. Also, don't forget to tune in next week Sunday for more interesting Battle pairings as we usher more Talent to the Live Shows and bid farewell to the Talent leaving the Show.  

Tune in to Africa Magic Showcase (DStv Channel 151) or African Magic Urban (DStv Channel 153) every Sunday at 20:00 CAT to catch the Battle performances LIVE on The Voice Nigeria.

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