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Strip question game – Comedy Nites Image : 15305
Babahkay and Parkhage steal the show – Comedy Nites Image : 15298
Babahkay and Parkhage steal the show – Comedy NitesA night like no other as the duo of Babahkay and Parkhage steal the show with hilarious jokes.
Tejire is in charge - My Flatmates Image : 15287
Tejire is in charge - My FlatmatesTables have turned and now, Tejire wears the pants in the house and Jite has no choice but to give in to the new dispensation.
The brawl – MSI Image : 15283
The brawl – MSIA fight breaks out in the house while James has to fight to keep his crush from being distracted by Samson.
Fatima's drama – The Johnsons Image : 15288
Fatima's drama – The JohnsonsWhile Fatima is trying to secure a loan to keep her business afloat, Prince is getting an injunction to keep her from ever dating anyone else.
Swing low and bants – Comedy Nites Image : 15273
Swing low and bants – Comedy NitesFrom a game of swinging oranges to a session of bants and humour, the excitement is nonstop on Comedy Nites.
Honourable means business – My Flatmates Image : 15274
Honourable means business – My FlatmatesWith his affluent display of wealth, Lovestruck Honourable shows he means business.
Prince's preposterous proposal – The Johnsons Image : 15269
Prince's preposterous proposal – The JohnsonsPrince promises to stop bugging Fatima on one condition. She has to go out with him three times.
Payback for Samson – MSI Image : 15268
Payback for Samson – MSIThe sins of Samson catch up with him as Aunty Blessing plays a trick on him as a form of retribution.
Laugh out loud with Senator Comedian – Comedy Nites Image : 15260
Laugh out loud with Senator Comedian – Comedy NitesWho else to make social conscious jokes about the state of Naija than the Senator Comedian himself. It's another laugh out loud session on Comedy Nites.
The speech – My Flatmates Image : 15262
The speech – My FlatmatesA deal has gone wrong. Obus insists on being paid for the work he put into writing the speech after Willy rejected it.
Blessing needs her money  – The Johnsons Image : 15263
Blessing needs her money – The JohnsonsAfter her page was used by Amina to promote the restaurant, Blessing is back to get paid in full.
Samson gets the last laugh – MSI Image : 15255
Samson gets the last laugh – MSISamson started his meal sober while his brother gloated, but in a twist of fate, he ended up having the last laugh.
Jokes and melody – Comedy Nites Image : 15237
Jokes and melody – Comedy NitesWhat do you get when you tell jokes with a catchy tune? Comedy in all its glory! Nigerian Idol Season 6 winner, Kingdom, and his fellow contestants came through to make Comedy Nites the bomb.
Small chops and big wahala – My Flatmates Image : 15239
Small chops and big wahala – My FlatmatesTejire got a gig to supply Chief Donatus small chops, but it ends with more drama than anyone of them bargained for.
The Devil beans – MSI Image : 15195
The Devil beans – MSIVivian through the help of the maid brought 'devil beans' into the house and it is already causing a lot of havoc at the hands of another.
60 seconds freestyle – Comedy NitesAs the clock ticks, two members of the audience have to show off their freestyle and comedic skills by explaining different scenarios.
Dan versus Helen– My Flatmates Image : 15191
Dan versus Helen– My FlatmatesThanks to the timely intervention of Chief Donatus, the quarrel between Dan and Helen didn't escalate into something worse.
There was a bust– MSIJudas is clearly on a self-destruct mission even though he claims that his village people are to blame for him attempting to shortchange James, his employer.
Bants with Bash – Comedy Nites Image : 15153
Bants with Bash – Comedy NitesNot too many do standup comedy like Bash and this episode of Comedy Nites gives credence to that.
Frank fears Mimi – My Flatmates Image : 15166
Frank fears Mimi – My FlatmatesAll isn't well with Frank and Mimi's relationship. He has started avoiding her calls and the rest of the flatmates now know.
New driver drama – MSI Image : 15155
New driver drama – MSIJames' new driver is already late on his daily targets, and he has been given a deadline to make good.
Getting set for the fourth season – Comedy Nites Exclusive Image : 15122
Getting set for the fourth season – Comedy Nites ExclusiveAs the fourth season of Comedy Nites returns, we take a trip backstage to meet the Host, IK Osakioduwa, cast, and stars for what is bound to be an exciting and even funnier season.
The jokes backstage – Comedy Nites Exclusive Image : 15121
The jokes backstage – Comedy Nites ExclusiveSome of the best jokes on Comedy Nites are the ones said backstage and you get a front-row seat to them here. Hold on to your sides, #ComedyNites is back! Let the laughter begin.
Strip question game – Comedy Nites

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