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Stepmum drama – The Johnsons Image : 16499
The fury of Nico Dangerous – My Flatmates Image : 16498
The fury of Nico Dangerous – My FlatmatesAn aggrieved Nicodemus is bent on raising hell after Propser and Titus reneged on the deal they had.
Jokes with Jesta and Mop Comedian – Comedy Nites Image : 16431
Jokes with Jesta and Mop Comedian – Comedy NitesJesta and Mop Comedian join forces with Ik Osakioduwa and DJ Sose on Comedy Nites. These four hilarious performers take the stage and deliver a side-splitting stand-up comedy show with their quick wit, clever jokes, and contagious energy.
Titus to the rescue– My Flatmates Image : 16402
Titus to the rescue– My FlatmatesProsper seeks advice from his friend Titus after receiving an outrageous proposal from Chief, and Titus proves to have just the right counsel.
The smoky tales – Comedy Nites Image : 16397
The smoky tales – Comedy NitesIK Osakioduwa takes us on a humorous journey down memory lane, reminiscing about his first encounter with cigarettes and the comical consequences that followed.
Toying with a heart – The Johnsons Image : 16352
Toying with a heart – The JohnsonsAbulu's got a decision to make, but with Jennifer's meddling and Dr. Sandra in the mix, it's not going to be easy.
Don't cheat on your barber – My Flatmates Image : 16353
Don't cheat on your barber – My FlatmatesJite sets his sights on opening his own barbing salon, but he's about to find out that he's not the only one with big plans.
Delay tactics – MSI Image : 16351
Delay tactics – MSISamson and James have something cooking, but they need to employ a delay tactic to get it to work.
Blood drive drama – The Johnsons Image : 16326
Blood drive drama – The JohnsonsEfe and Abulu are determined to make a lasting impression on the beautiful woman in charge of blood donation. In their eagerness to impress her, they have decided to go above and beyond the call of duty and give more than just blood.
Drama at home – The Johnsons Image : 16318
Drama at home – The JohnsonsPrince's romantic gestures of service towards Fatima are in full swing, but Jennifer learns that even the smallest of mistakes can have serious consequences.
Feeding Baba Landlord – My Flatmates Image : 16320
Feeding Baba Landlord – My FlatmatesBaba Landlord has taken matters into his own hands when it comes to his feeding after his wife refused to do so. It appears that he may have the last laugh in this situation.
Timi faces impeachment – MSI Image : 16315
Timi faces impeachment – MSILooks like Timi's got himself into some real trouble. The other guys in the department aren't too happy with how he's been running things, and now they're talking about impeaching him.
Family drama – MSI Image : 16311
Family drama – MSIWith the help of the rest of the staff, a brewing family drama is swiftly quashed, but there's more.
Ubong is a problem – My Flatmates Exclusive Image : 16305
Ubong is a problem – My Flatmates ExclusiveMimi's annoying cousin, Ubong is in town and he is causing trouble for everyone. Almost seems like it is his life's mission to torment Frank and the rest of the flatmates.
Tejiri gets a job – My Flatmates Image : 16302
Tejiri gets a job – My FlatmatesTejiri has landed a job as a cook on board a ship for the next six months, but Jite wants to play detective before she sets sail.
Samson in trouble – MSI Image : 16294
Samson in trouble – MSIWhile Dave makes a grand return, Samson finds himself in the most precarious situation.
Baby ruckus - My Flatmates Image : 16276
Baby ruckus - My FlatmatesChidinma and Tejiri are at loggerheads over the wrong items bought for the baby while Dan has got some good news.
One hour to wed – The Johnsons Image : 16273
One hour to wed – The JohnsonsFinally, Prince gets his long-awaited wish to marry Fatimah. The only snag is that he has one hour to get ready for the wedding.
Bulging belly trouble - My Flatmates Image : 16262
Bulging belly trouble - My FlatmatesTo help Jite lose his belly fat, Tejiri has recommended a dietician but Jite is not totally on board with the idea.
One more meal for Samson – MSI Image : 16260
One more meal for Samson – MSIDespite the fact that he plans to return home soon, Samson intends to feed fat before he leaves and aunty Blessing has no choice but to do his bidding.
Playing the divorcee – The Johnsons Image : 16257
Playing the divorcee – The JohnsonsMr. Deputy is up to his usual antics, but this time he has enlisted the help of Goodluck, who has his own motives.
Lights out - My Flatmates Image : 16258
Lights out - My FlatmatesA dire situation with no solution in sight. There is a power outage in the flat and Baba Landlord is not willing to lose sleep over it.
Sober buddies - My Flatmates Image : 16244
Sober buddies - My FlatmatesProsper and Titus share a sober moment while Oga Landlord is being threatened by his wife.
Becoming a billionaire – The Johnsons Image : 16239
Becoming a billionaire – The JohnsonsBlessing has struck a goldmine teaching everyone how to become a billionaire.
Stepmum drama – The Johnsons

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