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Three times Towu showed his evil side – Riona

12 August 2021
Of all the evil Towu has done, these three acts are the deadliest.
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The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree, sha! Towu’s hatred for Aghan has been stretching since childhood. While his other siblings enjoyed superior princehood thanks to their legitimate hold to the Oyomere throne, Towu was always dubbed the son of a mere concubine and was always tasked with proving his worth.

When Aghan was named crown prince and direct heir to the throne, Owawumi, Towu’s mother made it a mission to plant a bad seed in her son’s heart and now, evil is all they are reaping. Here are three times Towu showed just how evil he is.

The death of Agbeyegbe’s mother

Angered by Agbeyegbe’s loyalty to his brother Aghan, Towu wore his rage as a breastplate and murdered Agbeyegbe’s mother in cold blood. As if that act alone was not enough, he went and openly gloated about it. During his altercation with Agbeyegbe, Towu threatened to kill the god as he did his mother. A threat delivered with pride and the rawest of evil.

Tsema’s supposed death

When Tsema was sentenced to death for her meddling, Aghan was tasked with carrying out the punishment, and when his emotions got the better of him, Towu rose to the occasion and sharpened his blade. Unbeknown to them, Arenyeka had cast an identity spell on Tsema and gave her a new face while another carried hers. Towu displayed the greatest evil of that moon when he drove a dagger right through Tsema’s clone’s chest and with his bare hands, brought her heart out. The boy is so evil, his eyes glow when he tells the tale.

To be a king, at all costs!

All his life, Towu was made to believe that to get his way, he must betray the very people for whom he’s meant to harbour undying loyalty. His hunger for the throne and the ultimate power that comes with it led him to form an alliance with Chief Omereyon, his father’s closest and most trusted Chief. As soon as all was in place, Chief Omereyon and Magin plotted the king’s downfall and managed to pause his reign. Towu put his own father’s head on the chopping board just so he could be king. Is there a greater evil?

Even after being named crown prince and direct heir to the throne, Towu still feels like the lesser son, thanks to Amori’s act of service towards the throne when he tried to stop Aghan from escaping and getting injured in the process. So, it is likely that we’ll be seeing many more acts of evil from this ambitious prince.

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