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Amarachi Utibe

Amarachi Utibe

Amarachi is an oddity in Ayedapo town. She's progressive and is almost always at odds with the conventional line of thought in town. Yes, she's a choir mistress at the local church, but she has burning desires to leave and start afresh in a different country.
Amara is the third of seven children in a poverty-afflicted household. She doesn't want that life and will do anything to avoid that reality. She's in a relationship with Femi, a conservative trader in town. Amara endures Femi because he's nice to her. But she soon starts an illicit dalliance with Ignatius, the church accountant, and they plan to leave the country with stolen funds from the church. Amara's singleminded and selfish desire to break free from poverty overpowers her, and she proves to be too hot to handle for the two men she's romantically involved with.
Amara is manipulative and cooks up a diabolical plan with Femi to swindle Brother Ignatius of the money he stole from the church.

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