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Adeboye Alli

Adeboye Alli

Boye is a resourceful 35-year-old hustler from Oyo state. He's well travelled and has garnered a wide range of life experiences.
He's shrewd, a thinker, and many things to many people: He's a fixer to people like Chief Ogunleye, a forger of documents to some, a transporter, and an estate surveyor to others. But to most people, he's a prominent BDC dealer.
Boye has a fraternal twin brother in the police force - Aderogba, a personal installation meant to ensure his tracks are always covered. Adeboye is the stronger of the two brothers and has always been his brother's protector.
Despite his ugly personality, Boye tries to cover up his brother's secret, and that's what leads to his untimely death.

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