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Inside the Royal Imperial hotel

Ademide is not the one – Refuge Image : 17920
Sabotage within – Refuge Image : 17876
Sabotage within – RefugeAs a deadly threat emerges within the hotel, leaving a trail of death in its wake, a new group arrives with demands for the police and Asake to release Ademide to them.
Magbo council storms the hotel – Refuge Image : 17851
Magbo council storms the hotel – RefugeChaos erupts in the hotel as the Magbo cult launches a surprise attack. Chief Ogunleye finds himself wounded and betrayed by the very council he leads.
Chief Ogunleye’s proposition – Refuge Image : 17838
Chief Ogunleye’s proposition – RefugeIn exchange for his freedom, after the police dilemma is over, Chief Ogunleye offers Sergeant Adebare a whooping sum of money to kill SP Olumuyiwa.
Brother Ignatius' vendetta – Refuge Image : 17829
Brother Ignatius' vendetta – RefugeRealizing he's been played, Brother Ignatius confronts Amarachi in a heated exchange, Meanwhile, the Magbo council is in the midst of orchestrating a daring plan to free Chief Ogunleye.
Sergeant Adebare confronts Chief Ogunleye – Refuge Image : 17757
Sergeant Adebare confronts Chief Ogunleye – RefugeFollowing Boye's death, a furious Sergeant Adebare calls Chief Ogunleye for questioning and threatens to take his life if he fails to confess his involvement. Surprisingly, Teni also goes the sinister route as she follows Esosa's footsteps.
Boye captured – Refuge Image : 17709
Boye captured – RefugeBoye's covert operation takes a dangerous turn as Chief Ogunleye captures him. With only one phone call allowed, he uses it to send out a distress signal.
A kind gesture with a twist – Refuge Image : 17691
A kind gesture with a twist – RefugeThe cunning manager of the Imperial Hotel, Esosa, lures an unsuspecting stranger into believing he is giving him a free night stay in the hotel. Unknown to him, Esosa is after his life.
Sins of the Father - Refuge Image : 17667
Sins of the Father - RefugeThe Abobaku is missing and the Magbo Council has agreed that his son, also Asake's son is fated to replace him. Boye is finally in the hotel as an extension of SP Olumuyiwa's agenda but first attends to his personal business with brother Ignatius.
SP Olumiya unveils secrets - Refuge Image : 17541
SP Olumiya unveils secrets - RefugeHis quest to find his wife, who went missing after leaving her workplace, the Royal Imperial Hotel, led him to discover Ireti and her son were being held hostage in the hotel, and his men were working with the ritualist ring.
Cleaning up the mess - Refuge Image : 17528
Cleaning up the mess - RefugeEsosa learns of Asake's hostage situation and he takes it upon himself to make amends while desperately searching for the one in possession of damning proof that could reveal his illicit activities in the Imperial Hotel.
A night filled with frightening encounters - Refuge Image : 17522
A night filled with frightening encounters - RefugeAsake and her son face danger on their way back into town, and the Police discover human parts in a car during a stop and search, forcing them to get an order to raid the Royal Imperial Hotel due to claims of ritual activities.
Ademide is not the one – Refuge

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