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The rising stars of Iwe: Unveiling the characters of Africa Magic Igbo's epic drama series

07 October 2023
Dive into the tumultuous worlds of the captivating characters of Iwe, who bring this tale of power, love, and redemption to life.
A collage of cast members of Africa magic series Iwe

Africa Magic Igbo's sensational drama series, Iwe, has taken the television landscape by storm with its enthralling narrative and an ensemble cast that shines like never before. Set in the mystical realms of Idu-Amaja and Oba-Ekwe, this show introduces viewers to various complex characters, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and hidden secrets. Meet the rising stars of Iwe.

Idu-Amaja Characters


Eze Akuanyanugbou II

In the kingdom of Idu-Amaja, Eze Akuanyanugbou II reigns as a formidable leader. Aged sixty, with a dark and imposing presence, he carries the weight of his kingdom's past and future. His mission to reclaim lost glory and conquer rival Oba-Ekwe drives the series' gripping narrative. Eze Akuanyanugbou II is a character shrouded in mystery, marked by his superstitions and an unwavering attachment to his family.


Meet Mgbaduga, the charismatic and self-indulgent favorite son of the king. At twenty-two, he exudes athleticism and charm, making him a jolly yet self-centered character. Mgbaduga's carefree nature and penchant for philandering add complexity to his role. Beneath his charming exterior lies an overconfident and reckless personality that keeps viewers guessing.


Nwafor, aged twelve, emerges as a wiser version of Mgbaduga, showcasing wisdom beyond his years. Loyal to the kingdom, he is unaware of his true lineage, a secret closely guarded by the kingdom. As Nwafor navigates the challenges of family, vengeance, and a quest for answers, his character unfolds with a quirk—a propensity for fits of rage.

Ogbuagu Kabaka 

Ogbuagu Kabaka, aged forty-five, stands as the War General (Ezekoro) of Idu-Amaja. Tall, dark, and stoic, he harbors a secret desire to usurp the throne from his distant cousin, Eze Akuanyanugbou II. His stoicism and obsession with power create a chilling contrast to his family's yearning for his affection. Yet, Ogbuagu Kabaka's hidden weaknesses and secrets threaten to unravel his ambitions.


Princess Awele, aged seventeen, embodies the nurturing spirit within the royal family. She adds warmth to the story with her beauty and loyalty to her kingdom. As her character develops, Awele's journey into herbalism and her forbidden love story with Adigwe promise to be a central theme while navigating her father-in-law's desires.


Oba-Ekwe Characters


Eze Eyiche 

In the kingdom of Oba-Ekwe, Eze Eyiche reigns as a jolly and cunning king, aged fifty. He masterfully plays mind games with his cabinet and associates, concealing his true intentions. As a usurper king, his past actions weigh heavily on his conscience. Eze Eyiche is a character marked by charisma, indecision, and an innate desire to maintain the status quo.

Isi Ani 

The elderly Chief Priest of Oba-Ekwe, Isi Ani, is a character deeply affected by the loss of his only son. He is known for his mysticism and herbalism, but his superstitious nature and disdain for Ndi Itepuru add layers to his character.

Ndanike Ochia 

Ndanike Ochia, the War General of Oba-Ekwe, is a striking figure, aged thirty-five. Strong, principled, and loyal, he maintains a secret affair with the queen. His character grapples with love, rigid principles, and the impending threats to the kingdom.

Odoba Ojebo 

Odoba Ojebo, the twenty-year-old wife of the king, conceals her regal and astute nature beneath a façade of calm. A classic beauty and the usurped king's daughter, she harbors vengeful intentions against her husband. Her character is marked by diplomacy, manipulation, and political astuteness.

As Iwe continues to captivate audiences, these rising stars shine bright, breathing life into characters that transport viewers to a world of intrigue and drama. Don't miss the chance to witness the spellbinding performances of these exceptional actors; Reconnect now using the #MyDStv or #MyGOtv app to watch Iwe every weekday on Africa Magic Igbo at 19:00 WAT.