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Chief Donatus' car quest – My Flatmates

18 November 2023
From overpriced luxury cars to beat-up jalopies, Chief's car-buying adventure is a comedic tale of misadventures and drama.
Dona car quest

Life in the flat took a rather bumpy and hilarious turn, and it all started with a sudden influx of cash into Chief Donatus' life. With this new financial freedom, he decided to upgrade his living situation, starting with a proper office, even if it had to be squeezed under the stairs. But that was just the beginning. Chief Donatus, a man of simple tastes, decided it was time to acquire a set of wheels. Nothing too flashy, mind you, just a humble vehicle to navigate the treacherous waters of traffic and, perhaps, to rescue his poor secretary from the clutches of public transportation.

Obus' first attempt 

Now, one would assume that buying a car should be as easy as picking out a pair of socks. Oh, how wrong we were. This is where the comedy of errors unfolds, and Chief's dream car becomes the elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow filled with clashing suggestions from his flatmates. Everyone, from Dan to Obus, Prosper to Titus, was convinced they knew the perfect car for the chief. Obus, with his wheeler-dealer connections, was the first to bring in a vehicle, a flashy number that cost a cool 25 million Naira. Chief Donatus, with a touch of humor, quipped that if he had that amount, he'd be living in a penthouse with butlers, not stuck in an apartment with his well-intentioned but misguided friends.

Prosper and Titus' attempt

Undeterred by this financial hiccup, Prosper and Titus took their turn, promising to find the perfect car at a fraction of the price. And indeed, they delivered – a beat-up jalopy that even Dan wouldn't be caught dead in. Chief Donatus, understandably upset, showered them with insults and insisted they get rid of this rolling eyesore.

Chief Donatus is not one to throw in the towel (or a crumpled car manual) so easily. The hunt for the perfect car, or at least one that won't drain his bank account faster than a leaky faucet, continues. Stay tuned for the next episode of My Flatmates showing every weekday on Africa Magic Showcase at 18:30 WAT