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Life lessons from Africa Magic Hausa's Kariya

19 November 2023
As the season winds down, here are some life lessons the drama series brought to light.
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The twenty-six-episode Hausa drama series Kariya focused on relationship counselors, Tariq and Hadiza Al-Hassan's life and marriage , which took a drastic turn when Zara;  Tariq's mistress and employee, planned to go public with their affair.  As the couple tries to navigate their new reality, their house gets broken into by a group of robbers who were on the run from the police after stealing from a bank. The home invasion brought unfortunate deaths and spotlighted the underlying issues among the robbery gang and the Al-Hassan residents. 

While they all tried to navigate their issues, here are some lessons we learned from the constant chaos:

Not All Marriages are perfect

To the Hausa community in Kariya, Tariq and Hadiza had a dream marriage; they were both successful, and they built a brand for themselves as reputable relationship counselors. However, as with most relationships in life, a lack of communication, self-control, and respect can ruin a good thing, which was what put Tariq's marriage with Hadiza on the brink of divorce after his infidelity. 

Without synergy, there cannot be cohesion in a group

Although they were robbers, Jamal, Imran, Binta, Lukman, and Salim would have had a better chance at executing the robbery successfully and even escaping the police if they could work together and stop butting heads. Imran's poor decisions led to Lukman's death; his rage and volatile behaviors that the group leader Jamal couldn't tame cost both of them their lives, and Binta's unfortunate arrest. Perhaps their fates would have differed if they had paid attention to Salim. 

There is always light at the end of the tunnel

Even with several tragic deaths, Tariq and Hadiza survived the invasion in one piece, standing up for each other through it all and with Tariq trying to fight for his marriage. Even when Zara's impatience led her to their invaded home, Tariq's key focus was still Hadiza. Amongst the robbers, the underdog Salim was the only one able to escape unscathed, and with the money, His patience and quest to ensure he respects his brother Lukman's last wishes was what made it possible. 

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