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Awww moments on Africa Magic – #BestOf2022 Image : 16236
Blood and vengeance  - Dilemma Image : 16084
Blood and vengeance - DilemmaIt all ends here but not before true identities are revealed, blood is spilled and vengeance is exacted.
The bittersweet News - Dilemma Image : 16017
The bittersweet News - DilemmaIn the wake of Dembele's demise, Kanso and Yolaine announce the news of their marriage which wasn't well received and Goldie finds out about her Dad's death. Meanwhile, Salma is on a vengeful mission, and friends and family won't be spared.
Dembele's newest protégé - Dilemma Image : 15922
Dembele's newest protégé - DilemmaAway from threats and deaths, Kanso and Yolaine make passionate vows to each other while Salma finally breaks free from her mother's shadows and embraces her true self as Dembele's newest protégé.
The truth bomb - Dilemma Image : 15873
The truth bomb - DilemmaKanan reveals that there isn't just one Demebele, Henry Makanjuola reveals who is really behind Salma's father's death, and Rumi reveals who is truly responsible for the mine workers' affliction.
The bloody package - Dilemma Image : 15759
The bloody package - DilemmaA bloody dress and a severed finger heighten the fears of the Waziris' that Kaineto might finally be dead.
Salma tastes power - Dilemma Image : 15686
Salma tastes power - DilemmaSalma has been given a taste of power through her new relationship with Henry Makanjuola AKA Dembele, and she isn't afraid to use it on her mother and sister. Kaineto, on the other hand, is reluctant to fight for her survival.
Prepare for war - Dilemma Image : 15592
Prepare for war - DilemmaSometimes you just have to do what you must to save the ones you love. Kanan has notified Tank to prepare for battle. Yolaine also has a score to settle.
The plan backfires - Dilemma Image : 15480
The plan backfires - DilemmaKaineto and Tank's plot to assassinate Dembele backfired and the day of reckoning is here.
Dimka's grudge and Zayn's assignment - Dilemma Image : 15458
Dimka's grudge and Zayn's assignment - DilemmaSensing betrayal, Dimka is grilling everyone especially Rumi whom he believes has a pact with Dembele. Zayn on the other hand has tasked Silk with the assignment of killing Tank.
Love cost a thing - Dilemma Image : 15400
Love cost a thing - DilemmaKanso is having a hard time convincing Yolaine that sharing the same surname shouldn't have to stop what they share while Tahir has to go through Goldie's dreaded dad to seek her hand in marriage.
Daddies' clash - Dilemma Image : 15346
Daddies' clash - DilemmaIn the midst of Kanan and Zayn's fight over Yolaine, HM tells Goldie why he is more present in her life than usual.
Awww moments on Africa Magic – #BestOf2022