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Mothers' drama – Dilemma Image : 15235
The heat is on – Dilemma Image : 15184
The heat is on – DilemmaAs the police search Lady T's club, under orders to arrest her if they find anything incriminating, Aaliyah is surprised that her daughter might have taken sides with her dad.
Death strikes again – Dilemma Image : 15151
Death strikes again – DilemmaDeath dealt a cruel hand and snatched Itoro as she planned to celebrate her children's foundation.
Tawa gets another chance – Dilemma Image : 15150
Tawa gets another chance – DilemmaTawa's attempt at killing Kaineto has backfired, but luck is on her side as she gets another chance to hold on to her life.
Love is a complex game – Dilemma Image : 15127
Love is a complex game – DilemmaWhile Yolaine battles her feelings for Kanso, Noelle has started developing feelings for Kanan.
Fight erupts – Dilemma Image : 15123
Fight erupts – DilemmaWhile Raoul and Tahir get physical over Salma's affection, Jocelyn tries to get her pound of flesh off Mariame for disgracing her at her daughter's funeral service.
Joyce's funeral – DilemmaEven though they were all arrested by her father, Joyce's friends have mandated themselves to celebrate her life in a memorable fashion.
Just a warning – Dilemma Image : 15032
Just a warning – DilemmaTahir has issued a strict warning to Zayn about interfering in the affairs of the mine while Tawa is bent on revenge.
Anguish and more pain – Dilemma Image : 15009
Anguish and more pain – DilemmaJocelyn is hurting from the loss of her daughter and almost gets into a confrontation with Mariame over Henry while Tahir causes Kanso more pain by revealing he was behind Joyce's death.
Laying down the ground rules – Dilemma Image : 14980
Laying down the ground rules – DilemmaKaineto has laid down the rules for Tawa if she intends to remain under her roof while Henry Makanjuola won't tolerate Mariame talking about his affair with Jocelyn.
A rattled empire – Dilemma Image : 14948
A rattled empire – DilemmaIn addition to defending her sons' actions and fending off possible threats, Kaineto has now discovered Zayn's true identity. Numbers on the other hand is trying to convince Rumi to come with her to keep her safe.
The way forward – Dilemma Image : 14918
The way forward – DilemmaJoyce's pregnancy has caused a rift between the Waziri family and Commissioner John's family, and until it can be proven that Joyce is truly pregnant and the baby belongs to Kanso, both families won't see eye to eye.
Mothers' drama – Dilemma