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Day 67: 28 Sept: Top 6 housemates' zodiac signs and winning potential – BBNaija

28 September 2023
Discover how the housemates' zodiac signs can forge connections with fans and help them win the title this season.
Zodiac signs

When it comes to the All Stars house, every housemate brings their unique traits and characteristics to the table. Let's take a closer look at the top 6 housemates and highlight their potential abilities to become the winner of the show, according to the characteristics of their zodiac star signs.

1. Adekunle (Libra)

  • Libras are known for their charm and diplomacy, making Adekunle a smooth talker and a master of building alliances on the show.
  • His charm earned him a spot in Venita's heart in the house, and possibly on the outside as well. 
  • His balanced nature ensures he remains level-headed and fair-minded, which has helped him navigate conflicts and gain favour among housemates. 
  • Libras are creative and artistic, so Adekunle has excelled in creative tasks that require innovation like his 3D shoe-making idea during 'futuristic week'. Fans might vote for him to win because they find his unique perspectives and ideas intriguing. 

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2. Ceec (Scorpio)

  • Scorpios are passionate, intense, and highly competitive. Ceec's determination and focus make her a fierce contender.
  • Her intuition and ability to read people's emotions have given her an edge in strategic gameplay, allowing her to make shrewd moves.
  • Scorpios are not afraid of challenges or confrontations, which has shown itself during the season, with Ceec getting into confrontations with the likes of Alex, Pere and Ilebaye. 
  • Ceec's determination can inspire fans who admire resilience and tenacity in housemates, to vote her their winner.

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3. Cross (Cancer)

  • Cancerians are known for their empathy and strong emotional connections. Cross' ability to connect with others on a deep level has earned him allies and support.
  • This trait made way for his ability to collect Moniepoint coins from his fellow housemates and buy immunity, earning him a spot in the finale. 
  • His nurturing nature has helped Cross take care of fellow housemates, even getting called "house boy" recently by the finalists. 
  • Cross's empathy and emotional connections can make fans feel a genuine connection with him, as they see him as relatable and caring, traits that could help him win. 

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4. Ilebaye (Taurus)

  • Ilebaye's cautious nature sets her apart as someone who carefully evaluates situations and minimises risks, which we saw after she earned her second strike. 
  • Her determination and perseverance have willed her to forge ahead no matter what, as evidenced by her many task victories and her will to keep going through hard times.
  • Fans may appreciate Ilebaye's thoughtfulness, as it showcases her ability to make well-informed decisions, as well as her Taurean flirting skills, which have been memorable.
  • Fans who value patience and steady progress may find Ilebaye's journey appealing and support her accordingly, crowning her the winner. 

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5. Mercy Eke (Libra)

  • Like Adekunle, Mercy Eke's Libra sign suggests she possesses charm and diplomacy. Her ability to build relationships and negotiate has been her greatest asset.
  • Libras are often associated with beauty and style, making Mercy Eke stand out as one of the most memorable fashionistas in the house.  
  • Like other Libras, Mercy is sociable and enjoys meeting new people and having fun conversations, a trait she has displayed in her time on BB Naija All Stars.
  • Her sense of justice and fairness make her a popular housemate, earning her a solid fan base, who would crown her their winner. 

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6. Pere (Leo)

  • Leos are natural leaders (The General) and thrive in the spotlight. Pere's charisma and confidence have helped him take charge of challenges and group dynamics.
  • His enthusiasm and energy make him a standout performer in physical tasks or competitions.
  • Leos are often fearless, which means Pere does not shy away from taking risks when needed to advance in the game, like how he competed for the Game Master title earlier in the show. 
  • Pere's natural leadership qualities and charisma can make fans rally behind him, seeing him as a charismatic protagonist.

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While astrology is not a surefire way to predict a winner, it's interesting to see how these characteristics have played out in the house.

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